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Best Fly Fishing Reels 2019 – Reviews & Buying Guide

Best Fly fishing Reel

Did you realize Best Fly Fishing Reels go right back to 1874 and created by a man of honor named Charles F. Orvis? The Best Fly Fishing Reels has been experiencing its improvement arranges as far back as with fishers such as yourself improving it through experience and expertise.

The absolute most regular inquiries are when it is suitable for me to utilize a fly reel. And would they be able to be used in freshwater or saltwater sources? Like different reels, Best Fly Fishing Reels have best use situations that you will need to utilize them. Someplace different reels will most likely be most appropriate for you.

When experiencing the Best Fly Fishing Reels surveys, you will most likely show signs of improvement understanding concerning what the best fly reels are available. Having the genuine feelings of serenity knowing and ensuring you get the correct reel type for the sort of fish you intend to get and your particular needs. Also, You can Read our another Related post Best Fly Fishing Rods

Best Fly Fishing Reels – Reviews And Comparisons:






Piscifun Sword Fly Fishing Reel



Redington Behemoth Fly Reel



Okuma SLV Diecast Aluminum Fly Reel


Medium Fast

Croch Fly Reel



Piscifun Aoka Aluminum Fly Reel



Waterworks-Lamson Liquid Fly Reel



Ross Reels Animas Series Fly Reel



Piscifun Platte Large Arbor Fly Reel



Wright & McGill Dragon Fly Reel



Echo Ion Fly Reel



Reviews Of The Best Fly Fishing Reels In 2019:

1. Piscifun Sword Best Fly Fishing Reel:

With its machined severe, anodized development, the Piscifun brand Best Fly Fishing Reels was worked to last. It's logical for dealing with a wide range of climate situation.

Piscifun has made a reel that has the "Mid Arbor" structure. This kind of design enables you to get more line limit indifference with an enormous arbor reel, which makes up a lightweight reel with an incredible line recovery rate.

Adding to the highlights of this reel is the inward spool, which adds unity to the coil along with the incredible line limit. It's planned with multicolor and has the look and feel of a lot higher end reels available.

Features of Piscifun Sword Best Fly Fishing Reel:

  • Accurate click drag and silent retrieve, with accuracy
  • Multi-disc cork and stainless steel drag system
  • One-way clutch bearings with instant drag engagement
  • Resistant to corrosion stands up to the weather with its surfaced protection


  • Great durable design and light
  • Built to last with its anodized construction
  • Different colors to make fishing fun


  • The drag adjustment is difficult to navigate and get the right setting quickly enough

2. Redington Behemoth Best Fly Fishing Reel:

This big Best Fly Fishing Reels has incredible drag and best in class style and look for a fly reel. The die-cast makes up is matched with a heavy-duty, interlocking, spool design that has the design and functionality of a premium reel.

A professional carbon fiber drag system brings in a lot of performance, reliability, and durability. Designed for small and large fish, Redington has delivered the goods with this reel. Anglers have commented that no other reel comes close to the brute strength of the Behemoth's class. Those are some bragging rights!

The ease of use is excellent for a beginner or more experienced angler, whatever you do don't drop it! It's been known to break a bit easier than other reels.

Features of Redington Behemoth Fly Reel:

  • A leader in drag in its reel class
  • Drag that is adjustable and made of carbon fiber
  • Un machinable die-cast construction that is unique
  • Speedier retrieval and reduction in line memory via large arbor design
  • Easy adjustment via oversized drag knob


  • Strength in the drag
  • Ergonomically pleasant


  • Heavier than most fly reels
  • Has a slight reputation for being a bit more sensitive to drops than other reels

3. Okuma SLV Diecast Aluminum Fly Reel:

Features of Okuma SLV Diecast Aluminum Fly Reel:

  • High-quality manufacturing and design
  • Stainless Drag Washers with a multi-disk cork
  • One direction engagement of the drag system with the roller bearings
  • Brass Bushing Drive System is a machine with a high level of detail and focus


  • Well-designed drag system that delivers a smooth performance
  • Large arbor spool- allows you to match the strength of enormous fish
  • Robust and durable construction makes this a reel a lot of people count on


  • some fisher has commented that you will not be able to install a significant amount – Possible limited usage scenarios

4. Croch Fly Reel:

This lightweight and economical reel has been built and designed for multi-environment uses. It's a great reel at a high price that has more than enough features to satisfy your needs. Crochet created this reel to be very light and well balanced.
Even though it's light, the reel consists of high quality and very durable aluminum. Croch Fly Reel makes the reel's longevity and resistance to the elements of great benefits due to the anti-corrosive attributes of this reel, its suitable to use either in freshwater or saltwater. Also, you don't need to worry about rusting.

Features of Croch Fly Reel:

  • High impact durability
  • Super-lightweight with high retrieval line rates
  • One clutch bearing system with a stainless steel drag design –
  • Ensures smooth, amazing drag


  • Built strong and sturdy
  • The drag system is great, holds up to a lot of pressure
  • Versatile right or left-handed design that allows quick interchangeability


  • Not suitable for shorter rods- it's too heavy to be well balanced
  • Drag adjustment can be a bit touchy at times

5. Piscifun Aoka Aluminum Fly Reel

The Piscifun Aoka Aluminum Best Fly Fishing Reel is one of the best budgets minded reels on the market. Reel has many features add up to some real advantages over other reels in the same price and class range. It's a mid-arbor, and great drag system provides a smooth reeling experience.

A stand out feature of the Aoka fly reel is the consistent and reliable drag system which can be switched from a silent drag to a click-drag effortlessly. It's made out of cork and Teflon and designed to last. You can rest assured that even at its budget price, this reel's drag system can handle a lot.

Features of Piscifun Aoka Aluminum Fly Reel:

  • Very smooth drag – Smooth engagement with the cork/Teflon disc drag system including the one-way clutch bearing
  • Mid-arbor Design – Facilitates rapid line pick up with the bonus of reducing line memory
  • A great quick-drag with silent retrieve – Less annoying noise
  • Designed with a quick spool release with the natural left to right hand retrieve adjustability
  • 100% machined frame for consistency across the reel series with die-cast spools


  • Oversize handle – Very comfortable
  • Click-drag and silent retrieve – A smooth experience while fishing
  • Cork/Teflon disc drag system – Great engagement and provides a tactile fishing experience


  • Under heavy use, it can – Hang sometimes
  • Bulky feel to this reel with someone that has smaller hands

6. Waterworks-Lamson Liquid Fly Reel

Best Fly Fishing Reels was designed to be lightweight and robust with enhanced durability. The Liquid coil was designed with a very smooth and high functioning drag system and forged with high-quality parts.

Best Fly Fishing Reels was built well and designed to keeps out the water, dirty sand and snow. The reinforced drag system creates a reel that has a flawless and reliable operation in any season.

Die-cast reels can view as a low-cost alternative to machined reels. This reel has advantages that can only offer in a pressure-cast process such as near zero-radius inside corners and radiused compound curves. The reel adds a lot to the heavy-duty performance of this reel.

Features of Waterworks-Lamson Liquid Fly Reel:

  • An efficient conical drag system
  • The fully sealed drag system keeps out harmful debris
  • High quality, premium CNC-machined drag system components
  • Heavy duty but a lightweight pressure-cast aluminum design


  • Construction and performance are excellent
  • Lightweight and outstanding drag system – Sealed to keep out debris and anything else


  • Low profile drag knob- hard to grip on to with gloves on or if your fingers are cold

7. Ross Reels Animas Series Fly Reel

The Ross Animas's series features a 100% machined aluminum frame and spool that can hold up to a lot of wear and tear that anglers throw at it. Reel features a self-lubricating, durable drag that requires deficient maintenance and that is versatile in its use in saltwater and freshwater sources. The composite drag system reinforces the perception that Ross has put a great deal of thought into creating this reel series.

Another stand out feature of this reel is the quick release spool can easily switch out when you need to perform a line change. A great feature of this reel is the reverse taper functionality of the handle that gives a lot more comfort and control when out fishing the whole day.

Anglers like yourself have commented on how great looking this reel is and that the versatility with the left or right-handed operation is a real consumer-focused enhancement.

Features of Ross Reels Animas Series Fly Reel:

  • Fully machined aluminum
  • One-piece frame and spool
  • Teflon drag system that is maintenance-free
  • Quick-release locking spool


  • Top-of-the-line ergonomics and design – A well thought out reel
  • Super smooth drag- flawless operation makes things a joy


  • Could be lighter – It's a bit heavy to use all-day

8. Piscifun Platte Large Arbor Fly Reel

Piscifun Platte Large Arbor Fly reel that requires very little maintenance due to the sealed drag system. What this allows (or more like it, doesn't allow) is for dirt, debris, water or salt not to penetrate the components of this reel. It's an ideal design for saltwater or freshwater fishing.

Another part of the drag system that warrants a high five is the alternating stainless steel and Teflon design that provides a stronger, more robust drag experience.

The CNC machined design adds to the durability and strength of this reel. The considered design also keeps it lightweight and won't cause as much fatigue as other reels with its ventilated spool.

Features of Piscifun Platte Large Arbor Fly Reel:

  • Sealed Carbon Drag system- water, sand, and grit will not get inside the drag system and affect the components
  • Perfect for saltwater or freshwater sources
  • Drag knob with definite click drag and click retrieve
  • Provides repeatable and accurate settings for the drag system


  • Ease of use
  • Great design that built for different water sources
  • Robusta durable yet lightweight


  • Fisher has commented that the knob can at times, turn too easily

9. Wright & McGill Dragon Fly Reel

With its compact design and budget-friendly price, the DragonFly Reel shines through with its feature set. Its lightweight design built for longevity for many fishing trips you will be taking it on. The DragonFly Reel made with a graphite disc system that offers a reliable experience. This reel comes with a huge arbor.

Adding to the durability and longevity of this reel is the machined Aluminum materials used. It makes for a beautiful angling experience. This reel was designed to enhance the fishing experience through its design and high-quality parts. The manufacturer has even included a protective storage case as standard issue.

Features of Wright & McGill Dragon Fly Reel:

  • High-quality material is the design of this reel of highest quality material
  • Durable quality GDD (Graphite Disc Drag)
  • Popular super large arbor design – Great line retrieves
  • Ease of use with its considered design


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Affordable – Good for you wallet and priced right
  • High-quality parts used in the reel
  • Low maintenance – Rinse and go


  • Possible limited usage scenarios

10. Echo Ion Fly Reel

The Echo Ion Fly Reel built with a robust aluminum construction from durable alloys that are weather-resistant and can use in freshwater or saltwater fishing. Expect this reel to last you a long time — the drag on this reel design with a Rulon disc system that employs a low start-up resistance. Easy to turn and with positive click feedback, the drag adjustment knob is a breeze to use and very angler friendly.

The large arbor lets anglers reel in line quicker than traditional, older designed spool fly reels. The construction has design airy, which enables you to show off your fly line and backing. Large Arbor designed reels are a classic that most anglers appreciate.

Features of Echo Ion Fly Reel:

  • Maintenance-free Rulon disc drag
  • Stainless steel internal components
  • Positive position, click-drag knob
  • Can be used in freshwater or saltwater – Versatile and robust design
  • Instant drag reaction with one way roller clutch bearing that is backlash-free


  • Low maintenance design – Ease of use
  • Versatile use – Saltwater or freshwater
  • Made with quality and durable aluminum


  • This might lead to fatigue over a long time.

Some fisher has commented that this reel can be a bit heavy compared to others in its class and price point – This might lead to fatigue over a long time.


Here you go! A selection of some of the best fly fishing reels on the market. At first, make sure that you understand the different types of reels out there. Learn how to match your reels to your rod. Picking out a great reel will be as good as you let it be when you pair it with your rod.

Reels are ranging from the best and highest In quality to inexpensive ones. If you are a beginner, I hope this article will help you with choosing your entry-level reel. If you are a seasoned angler, hope this article helped determine which best fly fishing reel you want to add to your collection.

If you have any burning questions, don't hesitate and ask them in the comments section or contact me here. I know this list is not complete as there are loads of many other reels on the market that are equally as good or better than some listed here. I aimed to give newbies a chance to start with a decent reel before wasting money on low gear.

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