Best Geocaching GPS

best geocaching gps

Technology has changed the manners in which we used to get things done. I recall how individuals used to draw little maps and take notes when they went out to ascend mountains. Once I got lost, and my simple GPS had quit working, yet I couldn't follow my means to where I originated from until a companion dropped by me.  Thus, I believed that I couldn't simply abandon my open-air investigating enthusiasm. It needed to locate a superior method to make it fun and straightforward. I assembled companions, and we did a little research on the best  geocaching GPS. We found that the time where via conveying a scratch pad, estimating instruments, and simple GPS had gone.

what is Best Geocaching GPS?

You can go up a slope and back with merely the best geocaching device, and your mind will be overwhelmed. These gadgets are fresh, and on the off chance that you are a genuine outside individual, you need one. In any event, when working out in the house or around the home, the best geocaching GPS s prove to be useful.

Best Geocaching GPS Reviews And Comparisons Table :






Garmin GPSMAP 64 Worldwide

Garmin GPSMAP 64 Worldwide


9.28 Ounces

Garmin-Oregon 650t

Garmin-Oregon 650t

3 In

7.4 Ounces




5 Ounces

Garmin-eTrex 30x

Garmin-ETrex 30x


4.6 Ounces

Garmin-InReach Explorer+


8 Ounces

Garmin-eTrex 20x

Garmin-ETrex 20x


4.96 Ounces

Garmin-eTrex H Handheld

Garmin-ETrex H Handheld


5.3 Ounces

Garmin Epix-010-01247-00

Garmin Epix-010-01247-00

1.4 Inch

2.99 Ounces

Magellan-eXplorist GC GPS

Magellan-EXplorist GC GPS


5.19 Ounces

Garmin-Montana 610

Garmin-Montana 610


0.64 Lb

Best Geocaching GPS Reviews In 2019

Garmin GPSMAP 64 Worldwide

The Garmin-GPSMAP 64 GPS is a base model. Its outer radio wire is good with GPS satellites, GLONASS satellite, and quad helix. The GLONASS satellite improves the speed of finding positions by about 20% while the quad helix encourages prevalent gathering.  It likewise has an electronic compass which aides in exact position discovery. Notwithstanding that, the unit has cell phone availability, which empowers you to get warnings and Live Track. The group can be matched with ANT+ sensors.

The unique element of this gadget is its internal memory of 4GB, which is adequate for putting away a generous measure of information, notwithstanding that it has a smaller scale SD card space.  It underpins Birds Eye Satellite symbolism, which, nonetheless, requires a membership. Likewise, it has a barometric altimeter which is utilized for observing the climate.

Features of Garmin-GPSMAP 64 Best Geocaching GPS:

  •  It includes a shading show screen of 2.6." 
  • The screen is coherent in splendid daylight
  • The unit comes preloaded overall basecamp maps, geocaches, and concealed geology
  • It has a double battery framework
  • It has an inner memory of 4GB


  • The discernible screen in splendid daylight
  • Double battery framework
  • 4GB inner memory with miniaturized scale SD card opening


  • You need to buy into the BirdsEye Satellite symbolism
  • The screen size is somewhat little
Garmin-Oregon 650t

This is an ideal gadget if you need to report your undertakings while you are away and if you need to keep in contact with your informal community. This unit utilizes GPS and GLONASS satellites for exact and quick situating.
It has different sensors in a particular barometric altimeter, accelerator, and 3-hub compass, which give various capacities. Its size is little enough, making it a handheld GPS gadget that is anything but difficult to bear.

The unit includes a touchscreen show that is 3 inches, which is a considerable size. Screen is perfect with numerous sorts of gloves, making it simple to use throughout the winter. The screen is likewise daylight discernible.


You can share geocaches, way-points, tracks, and courses saved money on this unit with other useful gadgets. Also, this GPS accompanies reloaded USA top maps, and that isn't all, it is effortless to add more routes to the unit. Similarly, as critically, it has a microSD card space for extra memory.

Notwithstanding that, it has an 8MP advanced camera for photo taking. Furthermore, the photos are geo tagged with the area where the image was taken. To top everything up, it has a double battery framework, which implies that you can utilize the included battery-powered batteries and additionally conventional AA batteries. The battery-powered battery has an average running time of 16 hours.

Features of Garmin-Oregon 650t Best Geocaching GPS: 

  • It has 3 inches touchscreen display

  • The screen is daylight discernible

  • 3-hub compass

  • It has a microSD card space for extra memory


  • 8MP inbuilt computerized camera
  • Touchscreen show
  • It is daylight lucid
  • Double battery framework


  • It is expensive

The Garmin-eTrex10 GPS is a spending limit well-disposed gadget which empowers you to keep in contact while you are having fun. The high affect ability gadget has a WAAS-empowered GPS recipient, Hot Fix satellite, and GLONASS satellite. You can, subsequently, utilize the device to find positions precisely.

It is reloaded with a base map of the entire world. The base map gives information about territories you are going to explore, for instance, the kind of vegetation in various areas. You can likewise utilize the gadget to screen the climate by estimating the gaseous tension and height. Be that as it may, you can't download extra maps on this gadget. Also, you can utilize it to store way-points like the beginning and completing points. ​
It is handheld carrying with its accommodation. The unit has a 2.2-inch monochrome presentation, which sadly is somewhat little in contrast with different brands. 

Features of Garmin-eTrex10 Best Geocaching GPS:

  • It is little, handheld and convenient

  • Preloaded overall base map

  • Screen Size is Little

  • Batteries last up to 25hours


  • It is economical
  • Phenomenal geocaching highlight
  • waterproof
  • 25 hour AA battery life


  • The screen size is little
  • Monochrome show
Garmin-eTrex 30x

The Garmin-eTrex 30x is an update from the Garmin's eTrex 30. The upgraded highlights incorporate screen goals and an expanded central memory limit. You can utilize this gadget to impart information to other perfect devices like courses, tracks, way-points, among others.

It is simple to utilize gadget that is actively developed and comes at a moderate value point. However, it is built with a 2.2-inch shading show, which gives unique perspectives, yet it is little in correlation with different brands. It is daylight decipherable, and it has a goal of 240 by 320 pixels. The unit comes reloaded with an overall base map. It has worked in sensors, including a barometric altimeter and an electronic compass.

Its inside memory limit of 3.7 GB is huge and adequate for putting away information. Aside from the internal memory, you can utilize a microSD card space to expand the memory limit.

Features of Garmin-eTrex 30x Best Geocaching GPS:

  • Inside memory limit is 3.7 GB

  • It has a microSD card space to expand the memory limit

  • Has a moderate value point

  • The screen is daylight meaningful

  • Little screen size


  • It is an improved variant of eTrex 30
  • Remote sharing of information
  • Shading show
  • The screen is daylight meaningful
  • Preloaded with an overall base map


  • There are GPSs in the market with bigger screens than what this unit has
    Little screen

The Garmin-in Reach Explorer+ is a propelled GPS framework that has a GPS, a Personal Locator Beacon (PLB), and a Satellite telephone. This is an exceptionally fundamental GPS unit on the off chance that you are adventuring into a to some degree unsafe and obscure voyage. Interestingly, you can choose to utilize the membership when there is a need.

Utilizing this unit, you can impart your area to another person who can stay aware of you during an excursion. You can use the gadget to send writings to look and protect observing focuses every minute of every day. Likewise, it tends to be associated with a worldwide Iridium satellite inclusion for two-route messaging from anyplace all around, all you need is to buy into this administration. The gadget has an IPX7 waterproof. Similarly, as significantly, it is fueled by utilizing battery-powered batteries.


Its other significant feature incorporates having the Explorer + bundle for pre-stacked Delorme topographic maps. You likewise get an accelerator, altimeter, indicator which among different capacities can be utilized for making authentic information visit measurements. The unit additionally gives point by point climate forecasts. You can interface the group to a cell phone and pair it with Bluetooth to get to a large portion of the highlights.

Features of Garmin-inReach Explorer+ Best Geocaching GPS:

  • It has an IPX7 waterproof

  • DeLorme topographic maps

  • It gives point by point climate forecasts

  • It is for an elite community


  • Worldwide Iridium Satellite membership plan for worldwide correspondence administrations
  • Association with day in and day out salvage administrations
  • IPX7 waterproof
  • DeLorme preloaded TOPO maps


  • It is somewhat costly
Garmin-eTrex 20x

The Garmin-eTrex 20x is a straightforward GPS offering fundamental capacities. It is an update from the Garmin eTrex 20. Its screen is increasingly improved, and it has a higher memory limit concerning holding more maps.
The primary component of this GPS device is its high affect ability, which makes it precise in giving area information. It is a fantastic course discoverer since it is good with the Wide Angle Augmentation System (WAAS) with GLONASS satellite and Hot Fix. It finds the position quick and looks after it.

Its other key features incorporate a 3.7GB of inward memory, which enables you to stack more maps, over that, it has a MicroSD card space. You can stack various kinds of plans, including Birds Eye Satellite Imagery, even though membership is required for this, Hunt View, TOPO 24K, among others. Besides, it has a 2.2 inches daylight decipherable screen. 

Features of Garmin-eTrex 20x Best Geocaching GPS:

  • it has a 2.2 inches daylight decipherable screen

  • 3.7 GB memory

  • It has a MicroSD card space

  • Battery life is 25 hours

  • it is waterproof


  • It is moderate
  • Adequate memory space
  • Daylight lucid
  • It is waterproof


  • Little screen size
  • No touchscreen
Garmin-eTrex H Handheld

The Garmin-eTrex H is for those on a spending limit and can do with the least highlights in a GPS unit. It is a WAAS-empowered GPS that has high affect-ability that gives the precision of the area inside a 12m distance. You can bet on the unit's top affect-ability to give exact positions quick and keep up it even in zones with deep gulches or overwhelming spread.

This gadget is equipped for putting away to 20 courses and 500 way-points. The GPS is intended to give fundamental data, including dusk data, dawn data, and chasing and angling times.

It is a severe basic unit to work utilizing five catches. Be that as it may, as a result of the absence of base maps, it requires a prepared pilgrim. It is a lightweight GPS making it simple to be handheld. It includes a monochrome LCD that is 2.1 creeps. 

Features of Garmin-eTrex H Handheld Best Geocaching GPS:

  • It has Two AA Batteries

  • Battery limit is 17hours

  • The screen size is little

  • LCD monochrome


  • Reasonable
  • One year guarantee
  • High affectability because of a WAAS empowered GPS
  • It is handheld, lightweight and helpful to convey
  • Simple to work


  • No base maps
  • Monochrome LCD
Garmin Epix-010-01247-00

The Garmin Epix is a wrist-based game watch with the best geocaching GPS mapping highlights. It is an unimaginable gadget that is truly versatile, and it doesn't feel massive when worn. What's more, it has a high-goals touchscreen shading display and backdrop illuminations for review in brilliant daylight. A touchscreen makes zooming easy. Other includes on the gadget is catch worked, the catches are on the contraption.

The gadget utilizes other GPS/GLONASS mapping that comes reloaded with the base guide of the world. Besides, it has a compass, indicator, and altimeter, which aides in arranging your outing by giving valuable information.

Additionally, it is water-verification up to 50 m, which implies that you can swim with it. The gadget comes reloaded with European full-shading top of maps. On the drawback, the screen size is little, yet it isn't practical to expand the screen size of a wristwatch.

Features of Garmin Epix-010-01247-00 Best Geocaching GPS:

  • It has a 205 x 148-pixel goals

  • Water-verification upto 50 m

  • Screen size is little

  • It has 8Gb memory


  • Wrist-based GPS framework
  • Shaded touchscreen show
  • Huge memory limit
  • European maps


  • It is costly
Magellan-eXplorist GC GPS

The Magellan-eXplorist GC GPS will be an incredible expansion to your investigation devices. A unit is the best handheld GPS gadget with a high affect ability signal recipient. It gives moment correspondence and access to reloaded geocaches. On a similar note, you can include more reserves by downloading the information from Geocaching. Computer associating the gadget to a PC utilizing a USB link.

It additionally comes reloaded with overall base maps. Also, the gadget additionally enables you to check way-points that you can utilize later to find a track. It gives applicable information to your investigation undertakings, including climate changes.

The gadget is planned as a paperless geocaching unit with remote associations. The group is waterproof, which implies that it very well may be utilized under any climate condition. Aside from that, it is fueled by AA batteries, which have an existence of 18 hours.

Features of Magellan-eXplorist GC GPS Best Geocaching GPS:

  • Planned as a paperless geocaching unit

  • It packs a 2.2-inch full-shading LCD show

  • Battery Limit is 18 hours

  • Waterproof



  • It has a high-affectability collector
  • It is a paperless geocaching gadget
  • Full-shading show
  • Daylight clear screen
  • It is waterproof


  • Small screen size in contrast with different screens that are 4.0 inches.
  • No touchscreen
Garmin-Montana 610

The Garmin-Montana 610 GPS Camo is a paperless geocaching gadget that utilization GPX documents. You can utilize the device to transfer geocaches straightforwardly from The tool gives data about a track, including area, territory, the difficulty of the zone among different highlights.

This gadget finds your position quick and, precisely in any event, when you are in a remote area or close to tall structures. It is a direct result of the GPS and GLONASS with the WAAS-empowered beneficiary and Hot Fix satellite.

The gadget can be utilized for recording way-points, which can be followed later. You can likewise share way-points and other information with other perfect devices using remote methods. On another note, it has a 4-inch double direction touchscreen that is glove-accommodating. This is a huge screen size for functional perspectives. Besides, the gadget is reloaded with 250,000 overall geocaches and 100k USA top of maps.

Features of Garmin-Montana 610 Best Geocaching GPS:

  • It has a 4-inch double direction touchscreen

  • 3-hub compass

  • It includes a barometric altimeter



  • It is solidly built
  • Exact even in remote areas
  • Enormous screen size


  • It is expensive

How to choose Best Geocaching GPS - Buying Guide:

How to choose Best Geocaching GPS:

Geocaching GPS frameworks are must-have for anybody hoping to benefit as much as possible from their experiences quiet. For whatever length of time that you have these gadgets with you, you have the opportunity to visit the world unquestionably, realizing that you'll discover your way around even the most mind-boggling all things Considered.

Without these gadgets, the odds are that you'd wind up burning through a great deal of time attempting to make sense of your way around water bodies. In this way, but generally, these contraptions prove to be useful in helping you benefit as much as possible from the time accessible in your grasp.

One more great advantage of geocaching GPS is that it is intended to be exceptionally strong. In that capacity, they give incredible friendship regardless of the period or landscape.

How to choose the best Geocaching GPS:


This is exceptionally suggested. The extra cost is minor, and the expansion in the hardware's handiness is generous. Driving bearings to the zone close to a store can be amazingly helpful, so think about this element in a better quality gadget. 


Most GPS units today currently have 12 parallel channels. Stations help to procure GPS satellite flag quicker and all the more precisely. On the off chance that you are taking a gander at more seasoned GPS gadgets, Consider models worked after 1997. More experienced, single-channel beneficiaries are much increasingly slow, not be as exact. 

External radio wire jack: 

With new GPS gadgets, this has gotten less significant since the more up to date chips are delicate enough to obtain signals inside a vehicle. Be that as it may, it isn't always conceivable to acquire great satellite inclusion through a front windshield; this is the point at which an outside radio wire can help. Indeed, even hikers will profit by the capacity to securely store the collector inside a pack with a receiving cable joined to rucksack shoulder lashes. It can likewise help outside use in papers:, similar to substantial tree spread, where the sign is feeble. 

Interface jack: 

If you are utilizing the beneficiary with a PC, be sure that it incorporates an interface link so you can rapidly load maps and way-points onto your gadget. More current GPS units frequently support USB while more seasoned devices, by and large, have sequential connections. If you buy a more established GPS gadget and have a fresher PC, you may need to buy a USB to sequential port connector also. On the off chance that you possess a Mac, you should check to guarantee that it bolsters the Mac working framework. 


This is utilized to load point by point topographic maps, road level maps, or extra way-points into the collector. Point by point maps can use a lot of memory on your gadget. Think about the inner stockpiling limit. Better quality gadgets likewise, for the most part, acknowledge a memory card for extra stockpiling. 

Power source: 

It is desirable over have a gadget that can bolster outer control, similar to a cigarette lighter power link. Because of the power prerequisites, the device should support standard batteries (AA or AAA) for simple substitution on the trail. Lithium batteries are prescribed for more up to date GPS models to guarantee a more drawn out battery life, and power geocachers should think about battery-powered batteries. 

Rocker keypad or touchscreen: 

Utilizing a beneficiary without a rocker keypad resembles using a PC without a mouse. Some more current GPS units have touchscreens which aides colossally when exploring using the maps. 

Screen size: 

For visual simplicity of activity, utilize a gadget with the biggest screen that can be reasonably conveyed. Screen size is estimated slantingly. Shading is extraordinary and characterizes guide highlights, and a backdrop illumination is significant, albeit the two highlights Consume extra battery control. A screen defender is vital in averting fixes on the trail. 


Eventually, your gadget will get submerged. Get a device that is in any event water-safe, albeit an IPX7 assignment is liked. An IPX7 appointment implies the GPS case can withstand unintentional drenching in one meter of water for as long as 30 minutes. Plastic packs and boxes are likewise suggested for included security.


An expanding number of better quality GPS gadgets currently have usefulness explicitly made for Geocaching that can store all the data from Pocket Queries. Some will likewise save drafts (field notes) from assisting you with logging your reserves after a chase.


Q:What is Geocaching GPS? 

A:  Geocaching, likewise alluded to as GPS reserve chasing, is a recreational action wherein somebody "covers" something for others to attempt to discover utilizing a Global Positioning System ( GPS ) beneficiary. The interest can be thought of as a GPS-empowered fortune chase. Typically, a geocache comprises of a little, waterproof holder that holds a logbook and reasonable knickknacks. Members are called geocachers.

Members in a geocaching experience utilize the highlights and capacity of a GPS unit to discover the reserve. Geocaching aficionados want to have people and gatherings everywhere throughout the world, emit stores in a wide assortment of areas and post the reserves' directions on the Internet. GPS clients, at that point, pursue the area directions to discover the reserves.

Q: How does an individual discover a geocache?


A:    Part of the enjoyment of Geocaching GPS is choosing how you get to a store's area. You may know its directions. However, you need to take a gander at a guide and pick the ideal approach to arrive. A few stores are more evident than others. Some can be dubious. 

Q: Just how dubious would they be able to get?

A:   Well, I've done loads of small scale stores, and to be honest, I loathe the ones that utilization little thimble-sized compartments. There's likewise a progression of geocaches in the Bay Area called "territory challenge" reserves. On a guide, you can see them unmistakably, however making sense of how to arrive is a genuine extreme route challenge. Possibly the most ideal approach to arrive at one is to utilize deer trails, and those can be elusive. A lot of times, a standard reserve will be tucked away among logs or in a heap of rocks. At the point when I conceal one, and I attempt to Consider the course, individuals will move toward it so its area won't be self-evident. A few reserves give away their field, such as being covered under a heap of bark that would not happen that way usually.

Q: What sorts of compartments hold a reserve?

A:   For years, individuals have favored ammunition boxes with geocache stickers. They are thoroughly weatherproof, never debase, and are a decent size. In any case, with Geocaching being a to some degree hidden movement, the issue with ammunition boxes is that non-geocachers in parks can be effectively frightened by such things—especially by military ammunition boxes.

Q: Are any options accessible? 

A:   An organization called Ground-speak has thought of plastic holders with geocache stickers that REI conveys. They even have a phony shake that goes about as a compartment. Individuals get imaginative when making their stores. Empty plastic organic product has been well known previously. Individuals making handcrafted stores should be cautious. I've known about individuals utilizing metal chambers enclosed by cover tape with wires dangling from them. Non-geocachers, no uncertainty will address that. I knew about one individual who needed to make a geocache that made a play on words on innovation, so he took an ammunition box and beautified it with old circuit sheets. At that point, he concealed it under a scaffold. Somebody saw it, revealed it, and the street was shut down so the crate could be inspected. It was done guilelessly. 

Q: Do most geocachers realize how to play the game?

A:   There are a few decisions and basic manners that the vast majority pursue:
Conceal a reserve directly off a trail, so non-geocachers won't see it or be irritated by individuals searching for it.
Shroud it in a manner that won't upset the earth; place it so individuals can search for it without doing any damage to the encompassing landscape. If a site is being harmed, the store is pulled.
Cover it to mix in with its environment, so it is less inclined to alert non-geocachers.
At the point when you discover a reserve, remove it from the concealing spot to abstain from presenting its area to other people. Conceal it a similar way you discovered it; don't make it harder for the following individual to find.
Supplant anything you take with some other decoration you bring.
Sign the log. Do the equivalent on the web.

Q: Any geocaching tips you can share?

A:   A GPS is always utilized in Geocaching; however, it should get you to the zone where a store is found. On the off chance that it reveals to me, I'm inside 10 to 20 feet of a reserve. That is all I need because perhaps the individual who put the store utilized a GPS that was precise just to 50 feet.


When you get to the territory, you must return to thinking carefully. Take your eyes off the GPS and start glancing around. Ask yourself, "What's around there that may be a decent concealing spot?" A typical geocache is about the size of a lunch box or nourishment compartment. So Consider a log or hollow tree stump—some spot that is not very touchy.