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Best Handheld GPS Reviews In 2022

Regardless of whether you are in the wide-open or on untamed water, an appropriate route is significant. You need the privilege the best handheld GPS gadget to discover course, recording track or exploring right geocache. The GPS gadgets which we will refer to underneath contain the best handheld GPS for angling and best GPS for chasing, and are anything but difficult to utilize with the goal that your outside undertakings are fun and unwinding. 

Best Handheld GPS

Best Handheld GPS

On the off chance that you have been a casualty of getting lost on the water during your angling experience or lost a most loved angling spot since you couldn't follow it, at that point here are the reasons why you need a handheld GPS next time you are visiting waters.

Best Handheld GPS Navigators Reviews and comparisons:






Garmin Oregon 450t Best Handheld GPS

Garmin Oregon 600t Best Handheld GPS



Garmin GPSMAP 60Cx Best Handheld GPS

Garmin GPSMAP 64Cx Best Handheld GPS



Garmin 72H Waterproof Best Handheld GPS

Garmin 73H Waterproof Best Handheld GPS



Garmin eTrex 10 Best Handheld GPS

Garmin eTrex 10 Best Handheld GPS



​Garmin GPSMAP 62S Best Handheld GPS

Garmin GPSMAP 66S Best Handheld GPS



5 Best Handheld GPS Navigators in 2019

Garmin Oregon 450t Best Handheld GPS

Garmin Oregon 600t  GPS pilot is an exceptionally high gadget from the Garmin brand that is outstanding for delivering quality merchandise. It probably won't be the most notable of locators from Garmin. However, it can surely stand its ground with those progressively famous brands.

The touch screen renders out of date and makes the gadget simple to work. Some menus can be effectively gotten to and alternatives picked by the client without utilizing catches. What's more, the screen is likewise an enormous one that will deal with all presentation matters effectively.

You won't need to squint to see data; it is all accessible effectively for the client to see. The screen likewise obliges 3d seeing, which improves the experience of utilizing the gadget higher than ever. 3d innovation is among the most recent, implying that the client is getting a great incentive for cash.


Data showed on the screen more likely than not originate from someplace, and that is the place a high affectability recipient comes in. It can get GPS data precisely and rapidly and show it to the client for their advantage.

The screen can likewise be perused even in direct daylight. The significance of this can't be exaggerated. It gives the client a single time while utilizing it. There are put away maps of spots that are known and that individuals are probably going to visit. These maps make the getting of data rapidly and straightforward. 

It is perhaps the best gadget out there. The working is exceptionally essential and the highlights maybe not as cutting edge as one may discover in progressively costly models; however, it does what it does quite well, and for that, it is suggested profoundly.

Features of Garmin Oregon 600  t Handheld GPS:

  • Dark outside
  • 850mb RAM stockpiling
  • Sharing both remote and manual empowered
  • Barometric altimeter
  • Delicate compass
  • Embellishments accessible
  • Simple to explore client manual


  • Offering a camera and LED spotlight, the additional highlights are an advantage against different models
  • It can rapidly acquire a precise fix on your position
  • The size and shape are perfect for fitting into a pack, pocket, or your palm


  • Not perfect on the off chance that you favor real catches, and reloaded maps are the United States as it were
Garmin GPSMAP 60Cx Best Handheld GPS

The Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx is the older sibling of the GPSMAP 60CS, utilizing choice craftsmanship and point by point includes that are ideal for marine use. This 7.5-ounce pilot is prominent for its stunning exactness conveyed by its high-affectability GPS collector, guaranteeing that you can accurately follow your situation in all conditions.

Moreover, the Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx guide is upheld by 64MB of memory through a microSD card, allowing you to store the majority of your point by point marine maps and your tracklogs for an upgraded angling knowledge.

The unit itself accompanies a pre-stacked Americas auto-course base map, a U.S TOPO and recreational guide with angling problem areas, and other Garmin MapSource items. When you have recovered the guide information, you can see it from the 2.6 inch TFT shading show which is amazingly precise in all lighting conditions.


Other fun and advantageous highlights on this GPS pilot incorporate USB network for graphs/maps stacking and moving. An electronic compass for directional direction, 2 AA batteries for 20 hours of battery life, a lightweight, the waterproof and rough case for simple transportability, high-use catches for simple activity, and a devoted geocaching mode for open-air experiences.

Features of Garmin GPSMAP 64Cx Best Handheld GPS:

  • High-affectability GPS collector
  • 64 MB microSD card for the capacity of discretionary guide detail
  • Quick USB availability 
  • Shading handheld mapping perfect for both marine and open-air use
  • Splendid, daylight meaningful shading TFT show


  • Coherence
  • GLONASS Support
  • Easy to use
  • Battery life


  • Trying to use with gloves on
  • Small screen size
Garmin 72H Waterproof Best Handheld GPS

There are some of these sorts of gadgets. However, maybe the most amazing are those from Garmin. This 72h is one of their lead items in this classification. It is a gadget that will dazzle even the hardest to intrigue client.

It is out of this world light saying something the district of six ounces. This empowers it to skim along these lines making it extremely simple to deal. Another component is the huge screen which highlights the most recent LCD innovation for a unique presentation and considers clear survey because the numbers and letters showed are massive.

The activity of the gadget doesn't require a great deal of understanding. There are not many catches, and these will offer all the control the client needs. It is likewise a handheld gadget meaning it is truly convenient. The component that dazzles me the most is the availability. ​


There has been given a USB association so it very well may be associated with a PC and empower simple sharing. This makes it conceivable to utilize this gadget even in remote and spare the data.

With everything taken into account, the client can expect the best execution from this gadget and roughness and strength that will work well for him in conditions which other progressively fragile devices would not passage well. This is among the greatest gadgets from Garmin, and there is a valid justification for this.

There might be further developed gadgets than this, devices that utilize increasingly present-day techniques for a show, for example, TFT. However, the client who needs to adhere will welcome the basic adequacy of these sorts of gadgets, and it has been around for long.

They are excellent and will give similarly as high degrees of administrations as the more extravagant gadgets.

features Of Garmin 73H Waterproof Best Handheld GPS: 

  • Heaps of capacity memory
  • Very LCD show
  • Four level grayscale
  • Waterproof
  • The USB port for association
  • Land and water use
  • Tough outside


  • Comprehensibility
  • GLONASS Support
  • Easy to understand


  • Trying to use with gloves on
Garmin eTrex 10 Best Handheld GPS

Do you anticipate having a viable handheld GPS on your next angling trip? The Garmin etrex 10 is a splendid GPS that each fisher ought to have. This handheld GPS is accessible in two distinct hues which incorporate yellow and dark.

It has an essential monochrome showcase that you can peruse quickly. This presentation is effectively truly outstanding and could equal some progressively settled exhibitions. There are shades of dark, implying that various territories of the screen can be isolated and data read unmistakably. 

The gadget itself is made so that it can deal with all maltreatment tossed at it. The outside is incredibly rough, and it will endure being dropped and slamming against different surfaces. Clients should, nonetheless, still be cautious when utilizing the gadget and not simply circumvent slamming it.


Maps are accessible legitimately in the gadget. These maps are the most normal beachfront regions, and this implies the client will have the option to depend on data that is now there when the individual in question goes out into the sea.

These reloaded maps are exact and not liable to trick the client. For those spots that aren't mapped you don't need to stress, the gadget accompanies an unbelievable GPS collector that ought to have the option to give all the data required by the client as far as area.

Memory isn't an issue. Loads of extra inner room is made accessible, and association with PCs and different gadgets is likewise conceivable. This spares the client bunches of pressure. You won't do yourself any damage by acquiring one of these gadgets. They are reliable and precise consistently. Also, This is the best model for geocaching gps.

features Of Garmin eTrex 10 Best Handheld GPS:

  • GLONASS Support
  • Waterproofed to the most elevated level
  • 2 AA batteries
  • Spine mounting embellishments gave
  • GPS collector
  • Yellow and dark variations
  • 6-ounces weight


  • Long Battery life
  • Agreeable
  • Weight
  • Side catches
  • GLONASS Support


  • Small screen
​Garmin GPSMAP 62S Best Handheld GPS

The GPSMAP 62stc from Garmin is a robust and waterproof handheld guide that accompanies a camera. This guide accompanies an inbuilt 3-hub electronic compass which is tilt-redressed, with the goal that you can discover the direction of your purpose in any event, when you are standing still.

A high-affectability WAAS supplements this compass empowered GPS collector, which can rapidly and proficiently pinpoint your position in any event, when trees vigorously secure the conduit where you are angling in. With regards to the maps of the GPSMAP 62stc, you can profit by point by point marine maps and overall base map and the pre-stacked TOPO 100K which are altogether put away on 4.3GB of in memory.

With regards to the maps of the GPSMAP 62stc, you can profit by accurate marine charts and overall base map and the pre-stacked TOPO 100K which are altogether put away on 4.3GB of memory. 


These maps will completely cover every one of the waters found in the U.S and Puerto Rico. They can be enhanced with custom maps and satellite symbolism that can be downloaded to your gadget for most fabulous water inclusion.

With regards to reporting your angling venture, you get the opportunity to use the 5MP self-adjust camera to take geotagged pictures, which you would then be able to impart to your companions and spare. So you can return to the spot sometime in the not too distant future.

The lightweight Garmin GPSMAP 62stc additionally has a 2.6-inch shading TFT show, just as numerous sharing and clear choices that will make your angling knowledge increasingly useful.

features Of Garmin GPSMAP 66S Best Handheld GPS:

  • Worked in 3-hub tilt-remunerated electronic compass and barometric altimeter
  • 1.7G of locally available memory and microSD card space for including a full cluster of topographic, marine and guides
  • Rough handheld pilot 2.6-inch
  • Daylight coherent TFT show with 160 x 240-pixel goals
  • Worked in overall base map with concealed alleviation download
  • Garmin Connect photographs for picture route


  • Strength
  • GLONASS Support
  • Catches


  • Small screen size

How to choose the Best Handheld GPS - Buying Guide:

You have to realize focuses flooding with fish and the ones that do not merit visiting. Long haul angling expects you to comprehend the water so well. Denoting your most prominent getting the point would never be simple without an ideal GPS beacon. That is the reason you need to consider the accompanying highlights when picking your angling handheld GPS or best GPS for chasing.



There are a few extraordinary showcase advancements utilized in planning taken care of GPS gadgets for angling. Shading shows, sun-clear TFTs and LCD showcases are a portion of the ordinarily used VDUs on these gadgets.

This is, hence, a significant thought if you are searching for a reliable GPS. For occasion, acquiring a GPS with a sun-coherent TFT show makes it simpler for you to get precise areas in the bright, radiant day.

You don't need to search for shades to utilize your GPS machine. Consider the Garmin Oregon 450 Handheld GPS Navigator (looked into underneath), worked with a 3-inch improved touch screen with the sun-intelligible showcase, that is has become famous in today advertise because of its exactness and clear introduction.

Waterproof Design: 

Purchasing a waterproof handheld GPS for angling, similar to the Garmin 72H Waterproof Handheld GPS with High-Sensitivity takes out the danger of harms brought about by water.

As a fisher, you should know and arrange for water mishaps, along these lines, the majority of your apparatuses and devices ought to be impervious to water.

GPS Receiver: 

The quicker your GPS machine is, the better. Therefore, you ought to go for brisk getting handheld GPS gadgets to upgrade your angling spot finding speed. Consider handheld angling GPS with a high-affectability recipient.

Much of the time, GPS gadgets with WAAS (Wide Area Augmentation System)enabled beneficiary is always worth relying on. This air route framework upgrades exactness and speedier area of target focus.

Building Basemap: 

Regardless of whether you are an expert or easygoing fisher, you shouldn't miss the milestones, coastlines and the water-bodies around you. With a GPS inside manufactured base maps, you don't need to bear large sheets when you are angling. The inbuilt base guide guarantees of these best angling handheld gadget or best GPS for chasing you know about all the significant focuses on your angling radar.

You can likewise utilize handheld GPS gadgets that enable you to introduce mapping programming in them. As such, with such worldwide area gadget, you can view refreshed satellite maps quick, making your angling experience more noteworthy.

Method of Operation: 

If you are paddling your kayak and attempting to find your preferred spot simultaneously, you may genuinely be needing a simple to work finding the gadget.

For this situation, I would prescribe touchscreen worked handheld GPS for angling. They give the least troublesome activity interface, making point area and general route a lot more straightforward and quick.



What is a Handheld GPS? 

A: A handheld GPS is a gadget that uses the Global Positioning System, consolidating current geographic innovation with a convenient, easy to understand device for regular use. Presented in the late 1990s, handheld GPS has numerous capacities, including route help and land-review information. Highlights on specific models may likewise give data on geographic areas like national and memorable tourist spots. The gadget is frequently utilized by outside lovers to pinpoint the directions of a specific area for future reference.

Even though the handheld framework is fit for performing numerous viable errands, a few people buy an available adaptation for the sake of entertainment. Besides its traditional reason, handheld GPS has turned out to be broadly utilized for an open-air treasure-chasing game known as geocaching. ​

How to Use a Handheld GPS? 

A: GPS, or Global Positioning System gadgets, have been accessible to the overall population since the 1980s, after specific long periods of utilization by the United States military.  The outcome was that the gadgets could lead you off-kilter by as much as 300 feet (91 meters), while the military rendition got you inside 10 feet (3 meters) as a rule. When this training was lifted, the gadgets indeed took off in the regular citizen market, and organizations like industry pioneer Garmin wound up swimming in business.

The most well-known use for GPS gadgets is to assist you with getting around town in your vehicle. Itemized guides that come stacked in your GPS gadget made getting lost almost incomprehensible and turned into an encouraging sign for the directionally tested.

How does GPS work? 

A: GPS is an arrangement of 30+ route satellites orbiting Earth. We know where they are because they always convey signals. GPS collector in your telephone tunes in for these sign. When the recipient computes its good ways from at least four GPS satellites, it can make sense of where you are.

People have looked to the skies to discover their way since old occasions. Old mariners utilized the groups of stars in the night sky to make sense of where they were and where they were going.

Today, all we need is a straightforward hand-held GPS (short for Global Positioning System) recipient to make sense of precisely where we are anyplace on the planet. Be that as it may, despite everything, we need questions high in the sky to make sense of where we are and how we get to different spots.

Why Buy a Handheld GPS? 

A: It will assist you in determining your area (in scope and longitude) and route ways. This information is significant for crisis purposes just as a future reference when you have to come back to a similar spot. It gives increasingly accommodating information like your speed and separation. You can utilize it as your eyes to decide in which heading to go when there is decreased permeability because of terrible climate or different elements. It is little enough not to burden you. It is likewise, dislikes a vehicle GPS, which is fitted in the vehicle's framework. Elective methods for discovering areas are not dependable. A guide and compass combo are challenging to utilize while keen gadgets (like cell phones) are not GPS gadgets. 


I can, at last, say that the five handheld GPS guides given above are the best that Garmin brings to the table. Joining robust and waterproof development with an intuitive interface and accurate maps, you would now be able to utilize these guides to improve your angling knowledge. So quit sitting around idly, and pick which one of the previously mentioned handheld GPS guides you will take on your next angling trip.

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