Best Ice Fishing Rods Reviews And Comparisons In 2019

Best Ice Fishing Rods

Best Ice Fishing Rods

Devotee of ice fishing realize that it is so essential to have the correct rod. You can't hope to get a quality, agreeable, elite rod by merely purchasing the first that you see.  Whatever, There is a lot of elements that go into getting the best ice fishing rod for you. However, a considerable amount of various characteristics and materials that different and recognize one rod from the following. Today, we are going to take a look at five unique, high-performing ice fishing rods. Investigate them with us, so you can see which one is best for you.

Best Ice Fishing Rods – Reviews And Comparisons:






Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 Best Ice Fishing Rods

Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 Best Ice Fishing Rods



Fiblink Graphite Best Ice Fishing Rods

Fiblink Graphite Best Ice Fishing Rods



St. Croix Mojo Best Ice Fishing Rods

St. Croix Mojo Best Ice Fishing Rods



Eagle Claw Tony Roach Best Ice Fishing Rods

Eagle Claw Tony Roach Best Ice Fishing Rods



BaitRunner Medium Light Best Ice Fishing Rods

BaitRunner Medium Light Best Ice Fishing Rods



5 Best Ice Fishing Rods:

1. Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 Best Ice Fishing Rods:

Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 Best Ice Fishing Rods

How about we kick this survey off by beginning with the Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 combo ice fishing rod. The primary thing that we genuinely like about this ice fishing rod rod is that it is agreeable to utilize. Worked with an EVA and ergonomic that is agreeable to hold. However, Reel has a bent lock for included security for fishing, and the rod is constructed one-piece tempered steel guides for added protection and strength. It has a 20 size fishing reel with a single metal roller that you can without much of a stretch drop your line in the fishing gap. Additionally it has  made an aluminum spool that makes it excessively lightweight, and extra sturdy.

Features Of Shakespeare Ugly Stik GX2 Best Ice Fishing Rods:

  • Size 20 fishing reel appropriate for ice applications
  • made aluminum spool
  • Real terrible Stik clear with clear tip structure
  • Fish-lock reel situate with EVA handles
  • One-piece hardened steel guides


  • An Ergonomic EVA Handle 
  • Safety Includes 
  • 20 Size Fishing Spindle With A Solitary Metal Roller


  • The rod and the reel may have been taken care of every so often, mainly before you first use it

2. Fiblink Graphite Best Ice Fishing Rods:

Fiblink Graphite Best Ice Fishing Rods

How about we investigate another unimaginably stiff rod with the Fiblink Graphite ice fishing rod. As a matter of first importance, this fishing rod comes in two distinct sizes, so you can either get it in the 24-inch medium-light control rod of the 30-inch medium power rod. The rod is arrangement with an agreeable and ergonomically structured plug handle, which is lovely to hold and extremely simple to grasp. Made of graphite, so it isn't just staggeringly adaptable and lightweight, but on the other hand, is worked for Durability and quality. The handle of the rod for a much increasingly lightweight and adjusted feel. This Fiblink likewise incorporates a pleasant component with the aluminum oxide guides, which make the rod much lighter and increasingly active. And furthermore, give your line a simple go through when dropping and reeling.

Features Of Fiblink Graphite Best Ice Fishing Rods:

  • Light, solid and touchy
  • Graphite rod spaces, bright through the handle
  • Lightweight and sturdy aluminum oxide guides
  • Durable stopper handle for a definite grasp, estimated and
  • 30"- Medium Power-Rod Weight: 2.3oz


  • Remarkable Aluminum Oxide Guides
  • Two Distinct Sizes Which Incorporate A 24-Inch Medium-Light
  • Lightweight And Adjusted Feel


  • doesn't have a great deal of adaptability to it

3. St. Croix Mojo Best Ice Fishing Rods:

St. Croix Mojo Best Ice Fishing Rods

St. Croix Mojo Ice Fishing Rod is an incredible fishing gear for untamed water fishing. Albeit some model sizes can do well in ice covers. The rod is built delightfully and exceptionally for incredible exhibitions. However, the rod comes in around twelve different sizes to browse. Along these lines, it gives you an alternative to choose what suits your ice fishing needs.

It has unique highlights that make it stand out from different rods. It has a decrease that works with accuracy. Likewise has a part grasp Eva plug handle, and a carbon clear, that is determinedly manufactured. What's more, it accompanies lightweight treated steel guides. The rod has a durable reel situate as well.

Features Of St. Croix Mojo Best Ice Fishing Rods:

  • Accuracy decrease strong carbon clear
  • Premium split-hold plug/EVA handle
  • Custom reel situate perfectly for all methods 
  • Lightweight, treated steel guides


  • Several sizes to browse to suit diverse ice fishing needs
  • It is a great rod
  • Profoundly delicate
  • Numerous decent highlights consolidated in its structure


  • It is somewhat expensive when contrasted with different rods

4. Eagle Claw Tony Roach Best Ice Fishing Rods:

Eagle Claw Tony Roach Best Ice Fishing Rods

Eagle Claw Tony Roach is a pocket-accommodating and essential rod with different component blends of affectability and solidness. Useful for fledgling fishers on a limited spending plan. It is bundled as a combo with a reel included at a deal cost. The rod is named after Tony Roach since it was planned by Tony Roach, an expert guide/walleye champ.

The rod is 28" long with a graphite development. It has an S-bend.  However, The rod comes appended with a spring bobber for chomp affectability. What's more, it has a reliable four treated steel guides. The rod is intended for usability with its elastic plug holds that are agreeable to deal with for long ice fishing hours. Flexible stopper keeps your hands warm and friendly.

Features Of Eagle Claw Tony Roach Best Ice Fishing Rods:

  • Light, delicate, and fantastic IM-6 graphite clear
  • Graphite reel situate
  • Carbon body and rotor


  • It's a combo set at a deal cost
  • The superior and great affectability
  • Spring bobber appended
  • Consumption safe treated steel guides
  • An elastic plug


  • It's anything but a top of the line rod

5. BaitRunner Medium Light Best Ice Fishing Rods:

BaitRunner Medium Light Best Ice Fishing Rods

BaitRunner Medium Light is an fishing gear with an original structure for style, accommodation, execution, reasonableness, and solace. The rod works extraordinary as both a dead stick rod and untamed water rod and is perfect for fishing roost, crappie, trout, walleye, and other fish species. It has an extraordinary shading configuration to go for a top of the line, uniquely crafted ice fishing rod rod. However, The 28" rod is intended to be delicate. Its snare sets are verified with a stable spine.

The string handle is anything but difficult to utilize and can be worked for extended periods.  Whatever, The stopper handle likewise has a removable assembled inbuilt-in trap cup for putting away dances, handle, and goads. This rod offers accommodation to any fisher. It is planned with an O-ring seal for safe stockpiling of the substance. 

Features Of BaitRunner Medium Light Best Ice Fishing Rods:

  • 28" Medium-light activity ice fishing rod is profoundly delicate with the stable spine for secure snare sets
  • Plug handle with inherent/removable draw cup for the convenient capacity of dances, snares, and handle
  • Snare cup is O-ring fixed for the safe position of the handle, live goads, plastics, draws, and so on
  • Premium quality and attractive tinge closely resembles a top of the line custom ice fishing rod rod
  • Perfect jigging rod for walleye, roost, crappie, and trout (likewise works extraordinary as a dead stick rod)


  • It is excellent
  • Handle with assembled inbuilt-in cup stockpiling
  • Plug Handle
  • High affectability
  • Sensibly evaluated


  • It is a fundamental rod

How to Choose The Best Ice Fishing Rods – Buying Guide:

Indeed, even the best ice fishing rods aren't made equivalent so you may experience some difficulty choosing best ice fishing rods. Realizing what types of fish you need to get or are probably going to snare. And whether you will fish on the open ice or from the glow of asylum is the initial move towards finding the perfect ice rod for you. Remembering that, focus on the accompanying components to pick a reasonable post that will suit your ice fishing style. Work well for you out there, and offer the best an incentive for your cash.


Ice fishing posts come in various lengths to suit diverse ice fishing applications. The periods change from about 16″ to 42″, which is short contrasted with warm, untamed water fishing rods. So for what reason is ice fishing rods so little? Because hard water calculating includes dropping draws and lifting snared fish through a little opening in the ice. There is no separation throwing of baits. Thus longer rods are a bit much.

The rod length to go for will rely upon the fish species you're focusing on or are probably going to catch. And whether you will fish from the solace of an ice fishing cover or in the open. If you fish from a bound space, the four dividers will confine the length. You can easily use to between 16 to 30 inches relying upon how little or huge your haven is.


The unforgiving ice fishing conditions and vertical fishing system require a trustworthy and intense rod. While the finicky fish covered underneath the ice need delicate rods that can transmit the lightest of nibbles to empower you to set strong hooksets. However, with the spine to lift snared fish from the water through the ice opening and onto the ice.

Ice fishing posts are generally produced using graphite, fiberglass, or a mix of the two. Graphite is lightweight, has the unfathomable ability, and is likewise substantial. Fiberglass has mysterious quality, and toughness; however, isn't as thin or delicate as graphite. To defeat the poor feel, fiberglass ice rods for the most part highlight spring bobbers appended, which go about as strike markers. A composite development that uses the two materials offers you the best of both.


The activity of an fishing rod portrays how rapidly the rod twists when a heap is connected at its tip. Where the more significant part of the curve is focused and how fast the rod recuperates. Once the collection is expelled, there are additionally quick, quick, moderate, and moderate activity rods.

Additional quick rods are very hardened and twist at the tip. Ready activity rods turn for the most part in the top third region from the tip. Moderate activity rods twist in the lower half while reasonable activity rods are the most adaptable and curve consistently all through the length getting an explanatory shape.


Given that you will fish with gloved or cold hands that show decreased expertise, the idea about an ice fishing rod post is a significant thought. The best rod ought to have a firm and agreeable grasp — ice fishing rods for the most part highlight plug, foam, or plastic handles.

Stopper handles are the go-to for ice calculating as they are lightweight, delicate, agreeable, feel warm. And add to the general ability of the rod seeming well and good modest strikes. Some exceptional rods include graphite handles, which are extraordinarily delicate yet over the top expensive. EVA froth handles are lightweight and sturdy. A split-handle structure that permits finger contact with the rod clear when taking care of it makes it significantly simpler to distinguish chomps.


An all-around made and excellent quality ice fishing rod is usually made out of a clear made of graphite, fiberglass, or a mix of both. However,  other rod segments, for example, the handle, line aides casings, embeds, and reel seat ought to likewise be all around made utilizing unusual materials and intended to function admirably in the solidifying conditions. Aides ought to be more significant and appropriately adjusted so the line can go through smoothly without contact or bending. The reel seat ought to be very much situated, so the rod feels adjusted and worked to secure the reel solidly. 


Regardless of whether you're preparing a made ice fishing rod and reel combo or obtaining an ice fishing reel independently. The spool on the reel is a significant element to survey. In addition to the fact that it should be an adequate size and ability to hold the weight and length of ice fishing line, you will utilize. It ought to be made to perform smoothly even with the extraordinary virus. For instance, it ought to have against solidifying oil to guarantee it doesn't stop up and bomb you out there.

Bearing Number: 

In case you're going for an ice fishing rod rod and reel combo, the bearing number on the reel is a significant thought. Reels usually are outfitted with metal balls to diminish contact and convey a smooth activity. The higher the number of metal balls the reel has, the softer its presentation will be. Orientation ought to likewise be excellent quality for them to work well for their motivation. 


A lightweight rod is the best as it will be anything but difficult to deal with notwithstanding for delayed terms. You will get almost certainly fish for quite a long time without encountering exhaustion. A substantial rod will tire you quickly and leave you with hurting wrists and shoulders. The rod shouldn't forfeit quality and strength, however. Graphite rods are the lightest while fiberglass posts will, in general, be more substantial. Composite rods are in the middle.

Another weight thought to make is the heaviness of ice fishing line and baits the rod is appraised. Guarantee that these appraisals coordinate the density of the line and bait you will utilize so you will have an ice fishing outfit that will perform well.


There are fishing and baitcasting rods. fishing rods are anything but difficult to ace and utilize and exceed expectations when using lighter lines and draws and getting little fish. They are the most well known with tenderfoots and regular fishers. Excellent seat and line aides are on the underside of fishing rods as the fishing reel is mounted underneath the rod.

Baitcasting rods are most appropriate for tossing more massive lines and draws when going for significant game fish. They offer fisher more power, control, and exactness. Are more earnestly to ace, as they are inclined to line tfishs alluded to as winged animals homes when dealt with by unpracticed hands. Reel seat and aides are on the top side as the baitcasting reel is mounted on the top side of the rod. 


Durability is a fundamental component in a winter climate fishing rod. How solid an ice fishing rod, it will rely upon the materials it is produced using. It is built and the nature of its segments, for example, aides and reel seats? Fiberglass development is the most solid. However, graphite is likewise robust and enduring when utilized for lighter applications. Composite rods fabricated using the two materials are also reliable and sturdy. 


The best ice fishing rod post is anything but difficult to utilize and performs well in the unforgiving conditions. Amount and nature of lines aides or eyes on the rod will influence how simple the rod is to use. Aides on the rod, the smoother the rod twist and line stream will be. Line aides ought to likewise be enormous to be anything but difficult to use with ice-beaded lines. The eyes ought to also be all around adjusted along the length of the rod.

To be anything but difficult to utilize, the rod ought to likewise be lightweight, have a reasonable vibe, and highlight a grasp benevolent handle. Longer ice posts are simpler to use when pulling more magnificent fish as they give you more power and control and ingest a portion of the stun from the battle.


Comfort is significant when fishing in the winter. A decent ice fishing rod ought to be agreeable to fish. It ought to be very much fabricated, so it feels light and adjusted in hand regardless of how rough it is. The handle should offer a firm yet agreeable hold. Stopper handles are extraordinary as they think delicate, high, and warm in hand.


You need to wind up with a rod that is high caliber, performs well, and will serve you for quite a while. A top-quality ice fishing rod that is offered at an extraordinary cost is continuously a victor. Being on a limited spending plan doesn't imply that you need to make do with low-quality rods that will disillusion you on the ice. All the best ice fishing rods we've surveyed that offer an excellent incentive for cash. As they are all around made for dependable administration utilizing superior quality materials, perform well, and they all have available sticker prices.


Q: What Are The Benefits of Ice Fishing? 

A: Just like skiing, snowboarding, sledding, ice skating, ice climbing, and other winter sports, ice fishing is a fun and energizing experience. The facts confirm that it is a hazardous action, yet it is the dangers and difficulties that make it such a rush.

One of the advantages of ice fishing is that you get the chance to return home with supper. It is a chance to fish for species like walleye, trout, bluegill, panfish, roost, crappie, and pike. Encompassed by a vast span of solidified, water can be unwinding and remedial, allowing you a chance to be pondering. As you trust that finicky fish will think about and mull over your draw or lure and strike.

And guarantee you're not the only one on the ice. However, Ice fishing is an energizing and compensating winter action with a lot of advantages to appreciate.

Q: What Does It Mean To Choose The Right Size Of Best ice Fishing Rods?

A: When it comes to water calculating; picking the correct size of an fishing rod implies that you choose the right length of fishing rod contingent upon. Whether you will fish from inside an ice cabin or in the open and relying You're probably going to snare and need to pull little, medium, or bigger fish. It likewise implies that you get an fishing rod whose fishing line pound test and draw weight evaluations coordinate the fishing line test quality. 

Q: How Can I Handle And Test My Rod? 

A: If you're in a store, you can deal with and test out an assortment of rods. On the off chance that you request on the web, you will, in any case, have the opportunity to evaluate the rod when you get it. As most online stores offer a discount period.  Whatever, To deal with and test the rod, grasp the rod how you will deal with it when fishing and check on the off chance that it feels light, very much adjusted, and agreeable. Review it's fabricated and parts, for example, the line aides and embeds and reel seat to perceive how very much made and durable it is.

Q: What Are Carbon Fiber Rods? 

A: Carbon fiber is comprised of exceptionally slight strands made out of carbon iotas. These filaments are fortified together utilizing gem arrangement innovation, which makes carbon fiber unimaginably robust. However, Carbon fiber or graphite fiber rods are elite fishing rods that are lightweight and delicate while being incredibly reliable and sturdy simultaneously. The grounds that carbon fiber has high solidarity to weight proportion. Many rods convey more expensive rate labels to coordinate their prevalence. 

Q: Why It's Imperative To Pick A Well Balanced Rod? 

A: It is imperative to pick a very much adjusted rod for solace and execution. A very much adjusted rod will feel great in your grasp and be agreeable to utilize empowering you to fish longer without weakness. Such a rod will likewise be anything but difficult to use and will execute as required when dropping and working baits and lifting fish. It is also imperative to guarantee that the rod, reel, and line structure a well-adjusted arrangement that performs perfectly when working baits, distinguishing strikes, and pulling fish. However, Having the best ice fishing rod prepares you for fruitful and agreeable ice fishing campaigns. Guarantee you get a well-coordinated ice fishing reel. Spool it with the best appropriate line and utilize the best draws for ideal execution getting fish in cold waters. Make sure to protect warm and out there!

Q: How Do I Know What Type Of Rod To Use With What Type Of Fish? 

A: In request to realize what kind of rod to use with what sort of fish, you first need to decide the species and size of the fish. Probably going to snare given where you will fish. This will determine the length and power rating the rod to utilize ought to have.

In case you're looking for little fish like panfish and crappie, a shorter rod with ultra-light or light power rating will be adequate.  Whatever, The best ice fishing rods for walleye, pike, trout and other medium estimated fish are medium lengths with medium to medium-substantial power rating. They ought to be longer with substantial power appraisals. So, the spine to lift the bigger fish and give you more control when pulling the snared and opposing fish.


Ice fishing is an energizing and compensating winter interest. Notwithstanding, it includes wandering out amidst below zero temperatures and cruel conditions, and having the best rigging is urgent to make the most out of it. However, An ice fishing rod rod is one of the most significant hardware as it is the thing that you use to drop and work your baits. You depend on it to feel for nibbles so you can set snares accurately, and use it to lift what you snare through the ice opening. The sort of ice fishing rod you have will decide if you will have an extraordinary time and have fish to appear for your hazardous endeavor. Or thee will return home with cold, void hands and a sharp mindset.