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Best Trolling Motor Battery Reviews In 2022

Best Trolling Motor Battery engine is beneficial on a vessel since you don't need to oar to move the boat around. It enables you to move at various paces that can assist you with getting fish. Notwithstanding, it's mostly futile when you don't have a trolling engine battery.

The Best Trolling Motor Battery will allow you to remain and proceed onward the water for quite a long time. It self discipline your engine and possibly your other locally available contraptions also. Yet, which one is the best for you? To address that question, we offer a few superb choices for you to browse

Best Trolling Motor Battery

Best Trolling Motor Battery

Best Trolling Motor Battery Reviews And Comparisons Table :






MinnKota Best Trolling Motor Battery

Minn Kota Best Trolling Motor Battery

14.9 x 8.7 x 15 Inches

1 Pounds

Universal Power Group UB121000 Deep Cycle Battery

Universal Power Group UB121000 Deep Cycle Best Trolling Motor Battery

16.4 x 12.8 x 12.6 Inches

64 Pounds

Optima 8016-103 Deep Cycle Best Trolling Motor Battery

Optima 8016-103 Deep Cycle Best Trolling Motor Battery

10 x 6.9 x 7.8


43.5 Pounds

Expert Power EXP12180 Best Trolling Motor Battery

Expert Power EXP12180 Best Trolling Motor Battery

7.1 x 2.5 x 0.4 Inches

12 Pounds

Mighty Max Best Trolling Motor Battery

Mighty Max Best Trolling Motor Battery

9.2 x 5.43  x 9.13 Inches

40 Pounds

Universal Power Group UB12120 Best Trolling Motor Battery

Universal Power Group UB12120 Best Trolling Motor Battery

9.2 x 9.2 x 6.6 Inches

15 Pounds

Fixed Lead Acid Best Trolling Motor Battery

Fixed Lead Acid Best Trolling Motor Battery

7.7 x 5.2 x 6.3


23.8 Pounds

VMAX MR127 Deep Cycle Best Trolling Motor Battery

VMAX MR127 Deep Cycle Best Trolling Motor Battery

16.4 x 12.8 x 12.6 Inches

69 Pounds

Universal Power Best Trolling Motor Battery

Universal Power Best Trolling Motor Battery

12 x 6.6 x 8.2


60 Pounds

Weize Deep Cycle Best Trolling Motor Battery

Weize Deep Cycle Best Trolling Motor Battery

9 x 9.1 x 5.4 Inches

36.2 Pounds

10 Best Trolling Motor Battery Reviews In 2022:

MinnKota Best Trolling Motor Battery

Minn Kota Trolling Motor Battery, This is a battery holder that furnishes you with an ideal compartment to stow your battery safely. The machine is of much assistance for the individuals who have an issue conveying hardcore best trolling engine batteries all around. It's particularly perfect for little boats coming up short on a battery compartment.

You need from a profound cycle battery holder. Far superior, this unit looks slick and is worked with quality materials. Circuit breakers, adornment power supplies, and an advantageous battery meter are altogether joined in an unequivocally constructed force focus.

The convenient highlights the holder bears are genuinely worth the cost. It has simple to get to outside battery terminals that permit trolling engine leads, and charger prompts are associated without opening the case. Also, it highlights two manual reset circuit breakers: 60 amp for trolling engine and 15 amp for extra fittings.

Features of Minn Kota Best Trolling Motor Battery: 

  • Battery Holder/Case ONLY. Battery NOT INCLUDED.
  • Engine focus perfect for little pontoon transom applications
  • Simple access player terminals for interfacing leads
  • Worked in battery meter shows the current "condition of charge."
  • Intended to fit gathering 24-and 27-size batteries
  • Offers pair of 12-volt extra fittings and manual reset circuit breakers


  • An ideal engine place for little measured vessel transom applications
  • Small conservative structure for vessel proprietors that need a spot for their battery to hold
  • The battery case gives two twelve-volt frill plugs and a manual reset electrical switch
  • An inherent meter for clients to see the accurate condition of charge in the battery that is for the situation
  • Consistent and brisk access for the battery terminals to interface the leads


  • The size is just for 24 and 27 size batteries
  • No battery is incorporated
  • Basically for little vessel applications
Universal Power Group UB121000 Deep Cycle Battery

UPG DEEP Cycle AGM Battery Deep cycle batteries are lead-corrosive batteries intended to offer a relentless measure of current over an Universal period. They accompany thicker plates that empower them to be profoundly released again and again.

The Universal UB121000-45978 is a top-notch profound cycle battery that conveys fantastic execution but in an enormous and substantial bundle. Its battery just gauges 63.93 lbs., which is exceptionally lightweight when contrasted with different cells.

In a perfect world, It has a charge voltage of about 14.5 to 14.9 volts and a buoy voltage of roughly 13.6 to 13.8 volts. Other than that, this battery is spill confirmation enabling you to mount it in any situation without stressing over managing any breaks. It is intended to oppose vibration and stun and is without upkeep.

Features of Universal Power Group UB121000 Deep Cycle Battery: 

  • UPG #45978 UB121000 12V 100Ah

  • Measurements: 12.17 inches x 6.61 inches x 9.16 inches. Weight: 63.93 Lbs

  • SLA/AGM upkeep free, spill verification battery

  • A battery-powered battery that can be mounted in any position opposes stuns and vibration

  • 1 Year Warranty


  • As a result of its fixed structure and utilization of AGM innovation, this battery doesn't require any progressing upkeep as a lead-acid battery would 
  • Accompanies a one year guarantee
  • Evaluated at 100AH, giving it abundant force and vitality limit concerning use with trolling engines and other gear that requires a moderate, consistent draw of vitality
  • With an AGM (permeable glass tangle) structure, this battery conveys a magnificent, profound cycling execution that is astoundingly steady
  • This battery has a standing self-release of under three percent for each month, making it an extremely proficient store of vitality that doesn't require visit charging


  • This is a substantial battery. It's additionally bulky, with a total weight of right around 64 pounds

Optima Batteries, Best Trolling Motor Battery Admittedly, this is extraordinary compared to other marine double reason batteries with an ostensible voltage of 12 volts. With a load of around 45 pounds, and measurements 7.94 inches, by 6.88 inches, by 10.06 inches, this battery is effectively transportable.

When charged, its inside opposition is 0.0028 ohms, which makes it extraordinary compared to other marine beginning batteries with low interior obstruction.

In a perfect world, this Optima battery has Spiral cell innovation and AGM structure, which gives better execution and more exceptional dependability, making it a standout amongst other second reason batteries out there. Optima Blue Top D34M is likewise extraordinary compared to other marine batteries for the trolling engine. Not at all like different cells that must be utilized for either motor turning over applications or profound cycle undertakings, this battery can do work the two different ways.

Features of Optima 8016-103 Deep Cycle Best Trolling Motor Battery:

  • Ideal beginning force even in awful climate

  • Mountable in for all intents and purposes of any position. Functions admirably as a pontoon battery or RV battery

  • Multiple times increasingly impervious to vibration for strength

  • Hold limit of 120 minutes for steady execution

  • Turning Amps - 870 Ampere/Marine Cranking Amps - 870 ampere


  • It is financially savvy when you consider the administration it will give you
  • This battery energizes rapidly, up to 90% inside thirty-five minutes
  • Being an overwhelmed battery, it can last any longer even with profound releases
  • It endures far less harm when cheated
  • On the off chance that the correct charger and setting are utilized, it can't cheat
  • Long-life on the off chance that it is all around kept up, coming to more than 1000-cycles
  • This battery is light and progressively proficient


  • You can't include refined water since it is fixed
  • This battery can't withstand over the top vibrations
Expert Power EXP12180 Best Trolling Motor Battery

Lead Acid Battery, Expert Power Battery 20 hour lead corrosive battery that comes directly with screws and nuts in addition to the maker has remembered direct guidelines for how to change the battery yourself. Besides, the body of this battery is produced using stun and vibration safe material that can likewise withstand high warmth temperatures.

Besides, the Expert Power brand is known the world over for its toughness, quality just as great help. Additionally, the base of this battery is producing using a GM, which represents or ingested glass tangle that keeps the lead-acid battery from spilling.


This Expert Power trolling engine battery is anything but difficult to introduce and change as the producer has incorporated a reasonable bit by bit guidance booklet in the bundling box. Clients have revealed that they had the option to change the battery themselves at whatever point required by adhering to the guidance given.

Ultimately, you can discover this battery in various bundles going from one pack to 10 battery pack contingent upon whether you might want to purchase ahead of time and have the extra batteries available. In case you're anticipating purchasing the battery for the future, ensure that you store it accurately as it can spill and conceivably consume your skin.

Features of Expert Power EXP12180 Best Trolling Motor Battery:

  • The High Impact Resistant Battery Case Is Made Up Of A Non-Conductive ABS Plastic. This Material 

  • Has a Strong Resistance To Shock, Vibration, Chemicals, and Heat.

  • The Most Trusted And Highest Reviewed Sealed Lead Acid Batteries On Amazon

  •  Utilizes Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) Technology And Has A Wide Temperature Range

  • Easy Installation With a Very Durable And Rugged Construction


  • Accessible in various packs running from 1 to 10 batteries
  • Known brand
  • Great client care
  • 20 hours fixed lead-acid battery with jolts
  • Assimilated glass tangle on the base that will forestall licking
  • Wide temperature go


  • Overwhelming
  • Guidance booklet doesn't have pictures on the content
  • No unconditional promise
Mighty Max Best Trolling Motor Battery

Active Max Battery, Best Trolling Motor Battery Mighty Max 12 volt 55Ah shut corrosive lead valve controlled batteries are sans upkeep, reasonable and robust. These SLA batteries are utilizing for various applications, including modern and therapeutic gadgets, PC frameworks, UPS reinforcements, bikes, wheelchairs, electric vehicles, and the sky is the limit from there.

Giving force when you need it, this best battery for the trolling engine utilizes a cutting edge, the robust and calcium-combination network that conveys astonishing proficiency and administration life in both buoy and cyclic applications. Sufficiently fascinating, no electrolyte break can happen from the terminals or instances of this battery.

This component guarantees a productive, safe activity of this battery in any position. Absorptive Glass Mat System (AGM System) battery utilizes fine tangle separators (glass fiber) where enough electrolytes are consuming to give the most extended life and consistent serve.

Features of Mighty Max Best Trolling Motor Battery:

  •  No wire saddle or mounting extras included

  • SLA/AGM spill verification battery has a quality of high release rate, wide working temperatures, long help life, and profound release recuperate.

  • A battery-powered battery that can be mounted in any position opposes stuns and vibration. The durable elite in high and low temperatures

  • Supported by a multi-day discount arrangement and full one year guarantee


  • Progressed AGM Technology
  • It's entirely tough
  • No upkeep is required for it
  • 100% OEM Replacement
  • It's exceptionally minimal
  • Upkeep Free
  • It's spill-verification so you can situate it how you need
  • It's exceptionally lightweight
  • 1 Year Warranty


  • It can require a significant period to energize
Universal Power Group UB12120 Best Trolling Motor Battery

It comes in a single size and weighs around 63 lbs.; in any case, clients have announced that the reasonable directions gave in the bundling box make it simple to introduce the battery.

Also, it is battery-powered and can mount in various situations in addition to its external body. It can oppose and vibrations. Notwithstanding, remember that this battery isn't reasonable for short circuits. In addition to you ought to maintain a strategic distance from absolutely the depleting the battery since then it will be dangerous also revive it back.


The producer offers a substitution guarantee on the off chance that if you notice any plant surrenders however remember that you should change the battery from 3 to 5 years, relying upon how regularly you are going to utilize and revive it.

Likewise, you have to guarantee that you appropriately store it in obscurity and dry region when not being used. If you leave the battery inside for quite a while without utilizing it, there is an exceptionally high possibility of the battery spilling because this general 12-volt battery comes without a glass tangle at the base. Finally, remember that you can discover this battery in three distinct volts extending from 12 volts to 48 volts.

Features of Universal Power Group UB12120 Best Trolling Motor Battery:

  • Spill confirmation battery

  • A battery-powered battery that can mount in any position opposes stuns and vibration

  • One year guarantee


  • Confided in brand
  • Accessible in three distinctive volt ranges
  • 1-year guarantee
  • Battery-powered
  • Airtight


  • Not reasonable for short circuits
  • Not feasible to be left in the machine without laboring for about fourteen days
Fixed Lead Acid Best Trolling Motor Battery

Interstate AGM Batteries, Deep Cycle Battery, This best trolling engine battery makes sure to give you a long life and dependable force for whatever the application you've. Be its therapeutic gadgets, lighting, agribusiness, or versatility.

This fixed unit can be mounted at any point and is cleared of water, surface, or air transport. Profound Cycle Battery is the first part of various types of sustainable power source frameworks that require the capacity of power.

Features of Fixed Lead Acid Best Trolling Motor Battery:

  • These batteries have a time of usability of around ten years, making them a decent purchase

  • The battery is spill and sealed, making it increasingly useful and helpful over the long haul

  • It is finished with hardcore tin amalgam networks, military-grade handcrafted plates, expanding its exhibition and toughness complex

  • These batteries have a time frame of realistic usability of around ten years, making them a decent purchase


  • It is finished with rock robust tin compound frameworks, military-grade specially designed plates, expanding its presentation and sturdiness complex
  • The plan is sold, and this substantial best trolling engine battery will last you through terrible climate conditions and harsh use
  • It is exceptionally impervious to vibration and wears and tear, making it even more tough over a long haul use
  • It's without support, so no compelling reason to continue spending on the upkeep of the equivalent
  • These batteries have a time frame of realistic usability of around ten years, making them a decent purchase
  • The battery is spill and airtight, making it increasingly practical and valuable over the long haul


  • The cost may be marginally on the higher side, so the underlying expense of speculation is high. However, it will get you results that are worth later on
VMAX MR127 Deep Cycle Best Trolling Motor Battery

VMAX MR127 Battery, Best Trolling Motor battery doesn't make a difference in the brand of engine you have introduced in your boat. This VMAX MR127 12 Volt 100Ah Deep Cycle Maintenance-Free Battery manages your most extreme force at each second of its activity. The VMAX 12 volt profound cycle best marine battery is notable for its high-caliber.

Shockingly better, it is good with every driving brand. Not the best part yet, it is additionally among the best trolling engine batteries that convey predictable presentation. It's worked to endure vibrations, scratches, and knocks of everyday use, energizes rapidly, and simple to mount.


This battery is uniquely intended for use with trolling engines and conveys steady, reliable force and arrives in an enduring plastic walled in area to shield it from vibration and stun. The VMAX MR127 is an incredibly profound cycle battery that is accessible at a slight premium contrasted with contending cells. It charges amazingly rapidly, making it a suitable choice in case you're searching for a battery that will regularly be utilized on your vessel.

Features of VMAX MR127 Deep Cycle Best Trolling Motor Battery:

  • Electrolyte Suspension framework

  • VMAX rock-solid lead-tin composites give an additional edge of execution and administration life in either drift or cyclic applications, much after rehashed over releases.

  • Fits any Group 27 Battery Box, fits the Minn Kota Trolling Motor Power Center; Bargain shore offers FREE Signature

  • Confirmation on most cumbersome requests in an overabundance of $150.00.


  • Tin combination matrix
  • Get charged in less time
  • Strong body
  • AGM innovation
  • Solid
  • Gathering 27 batteries, can be introduced with the power unit of Minnesota


  • Costly
Universal Power Best Trolling Motor Battery

Universal Power Battery for Minn Kota, Best Trolling Motor Battery Providing power when you need it. The fantastic 12 Volt 100 AH battery utilizes a cutting edge, the dependable, calcium-compound framework that offers astounding execution and administration life in both cyclic and drift applications.

Being a standout amongst other trolling battery worked with Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) innovation and a remarkable valve managed plan, that can be utilized in indoor and encased surroundings without upkeep or spilling, offering astounding execution for a large number of models.


UPG batteries have a full scope of utilization, including; Security, crisis lighting, get to control gadgets, diversion, and toys. Sun oriented, versatile apparatuses, bikes, medicinal portability, power sports, nursery and garden devices, chasing, golf trucks, motor starters, electric vehicles, purchaser hardware, and that's only the tip of the iceberg.

In particular, this unit is among the best trolling engine battery. It bears the support free activity and is worked to take the discipline of tedious releasing and charging. For little trolling vessels and boats, this battery might be the perfect decision.

Features of Universal Power Best Trolling Motor Battery:

  • Support free

  • Spill evidence battery

  • A battery-powered battery that can be mounted in any position opposes stuns and vibration

  • 1 Year Warranty



  • Battery-powered support free battery: There is no temporary need to see the gravity pace of the electrolyte present or to stress over including water in the tanks
  • It can help power pontoons weighed down with heaps of electrical devices
  • Opposes stuns and vibration: It is multiple times progressively restive to vibration and profoundly a sturdy item
  • It doesn't take long to energize
  • Accompanies one year guarantee
  • It can keep going for upwards of a thousand energizing cycles


  • It cost more than different brands
Weize Deep Cycle Best Trolling Motor Battery

Profound Cycle Battery, Weize Trolling Motor Battery, Another extraordinary fixed lead-acid battery that can be revived anyway, remember that it arrives in a bundling box without screws or fasteners in addition to the wire harness is excluded also. This battery is general and can be utilized for various things, for example, trolling engine, golf trucks, garden apparatuses, and in any event, for RV's.

The battery is valve controlled and accompanies a 30-day discount guarantee. In any case, ensure that you never charge this battery on a fixed compartment, also, to charge the battery directly after it got released.

Note that this battery isn't appropriate for short circuits and ought to be put away in a dry and dull spot at whatever point not being used. Additionally, never attempt to dismantle it and ensure that it doesn't remain in a place where the temperature rises higher than 50 degrees Celsius.

Features of Weize Deep Cycle Best Trolling Motor Battery:

  • Utilized For Solar Panel Wind Energy Storage 

  • Electric Vehicles, Golf Carts, Hunting, Lawn, and Garden Tools, Portable Tools, Toys and Hobby, Emergency 

  • Lighting, Leisure, RV House, Camping, Home Alarm Security and that's only the tip of the iceberg. 

  • 1 Year Warranty.


  • The general battery that is appropriate for trolling engines just as golf trucks
  • Moderate
  • 30-day merchandise exchange
  • Maker's guarantee
  • Sealed external body
  • Valve directed


  • Accessible in one limit as it were
  • Lacking client care
  • Requires a unique charger that can be elusive

How To Choose The Best Trolling Motor Battery – Buying Guide:

You may confront a few challenges while picking the perfect trolling engine battery to purchase. Even though they're all batteries, yet they're distinctive in certain viewpoints. Consequently, you ought to do some examination before purchasing to maintain a strategic distance from laments. To help facilitate your work, here is a portion of the things you ought to consider.


1. Type:

There are three sorts of trolling batteries:

Wet-Cell Batteries:

The wet-cell is the least expensive trolling engine battery accessible available. It utilizes an electrolyte to invigorate the cells. They can withstand visit charging, releasing, and in any event, cheating. Along these lines, they've become the ideal elective force hots pot for autos and trolling engines.

The significant issue to stress in this battery is the requirement for visit support. Whenever you've been utilizing a wet-cell battery in your vehicle, you hear what I'm saying. Along these lines, you'll have to include some amount of pure water to the fluid corrosive to keep it in excellent condition. Containing water, you'll have to test the centralization of the destructive with a hydrometer.

Your boat will probably wander into some rough regions in the water, and the subsequent effect may make spillage or changeless harm the battery. Along these lines, the packaging ought to have the option to withstand the stuns. 

AGM Batteries: 

Most fishers may incline toward AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) batteries to the wet-cell battery since they neither break nor emanate hydrogen gas. Since they're fixed, you can mount them in any position. They're generally reduced, making them ideal for use in lightweight water vessels.

Likewise, AGM batteries will charge to full limit inside a brief time frame. After a total charge, it'll set aside an extended effort to release, in contrast to a wet-cell. They're lightweight, yet can store more power per region than a wet-cells. In this manner, they're the ideal trolling battery for little kayaks and boats.

It is imperative to utilize a brilliant charger with an AGM battery to abstain from cheating. Additionally, it is harming to open it to extreme warmth. You may need to look past the underlying expense of purchasing an AGM battery and spotlight on its extended haul benefits.

Lithium-Ion Batteries: 

The Lithium-particle battery is the most recent among other trolling engine battery types. However, they're getting increasingly well known among fishers and specialists. This is a direct result of their numerous advantages. The most extraordinary element of a lithium-particle battery is the weight. This is because they're lighter than both AGM and wet-cell batteries. Even though they're increasingly costly, yet they give the best execution.

Numerous makers of electronic contraptions like cell phones and PCs depend on lithium-particle batteries. The explanation is that they're quick to charge and exceptionally delayed to release. The Lithium-particle battery is progressively mainstream among sport fishers. This is because they load quickly, which means you'll invest less energy sitting tight for its recuperation. Additionally, being a lightweight trolling engine battery, your kayak will be light, quick, and simple to move. 

2. Double Purpose Batteries versus Profound Cycle Batteries: 

You can either utilize a second reason or profound cycle battery to control your trolling engine. The plan of these batteries enables them to release bit by bit until all the force is no more. A beginning battery works diversely as in it'll discharge an extraordinary level of its capacity just to trigger the motor to turn over. In this way, rather than a beginning battery, you'll need a second reason or profound cycle battery for your trolling engines.

The second reason batteries can wrench motors and force trolling engines as well. Thus, the second reason cells are utilized for both profound cycling and beginning. If you want to control your boat's engines with a single battery, at that point second reason battery is excellent.  

A profound cycle battery is intended to withstand all vibrations and stuns from the vessel.

3. Ampere hours (Ah): 

The vitality rating for profound cycle batteries is Ampere hours. This is characterized as the total charge in the cell when one ampere of current is released for 60 minutes. This unit is an estimation of the limit of the battery. It provides some insight into the amount of vitality that the battery can store.

Probably the littlest profound cycle batteries have 25 to 50Ah while bigger batteries can be as high as100Ah. However, there is no perfect ampere-hour rating for a trolling engine battery. You'll purchase a battery that will coordinate your vessel's vitality needs and angling style.

In this way, on the off chance that the Ah esteem is high, at that point, the battery can control the engine and different machines somewhat more. 

4. Cold Cranking Amps (CCA): 

It's critical to know the CCA of the battery when purchasing the best marine battery for your trolling engine. Cold Cranking Amps gives the amount of current that leaves the cell inside the initial 30 seconds. If you're purchasing a starter battery, at that point, you'll have to know its CCA. This will assist you in understanding the huge underlying measure of intensity the starter battery can discharge.

While the CCA is just connected with a starter battery, the safe limit is for the trolling engine battery. The save limit is given when it takes an array to supply its vitality before it runs out. You'll possibly require the CCA If you're getting a battery that will begin your gear and still run it.

5. Cycle life:

This rating is, for the most part, between 2 to 4 years. Be that as it may, you'll once in a while observe it in the item particular. If the maker doesn't express the cycle life, you'll have to peruse the item's audit to get the data.

6. Vibration Resistance and Durability: 

Before you settle on the trolling engine battery to get, you have to know its vibration opposition. This factor is significant in the life expectancy of the cell. This is because your battery will encounter while kayaking crosswise over uneven zones of the water. The capacity of your battery to withstand this effect will decide its toughness.

7. Weight: 

Taking a gander at the load is significant when looking for your optimal trolling engine battery. The battery's importance shouldn't surpass your vessel's weight limit. Most trolling engine batteries weigh between 20 to 60 pounds. The best batteries for the kayak trolling engine ought to consider about 30 pounds or less.

8. Structure and development: 

The kind of battery will decide its plan and construction. For instance, all AGM batteries are fixed. Albeit wet-cells contain fluid acids like AGM's, they're not impenetrable. Probably the best-appraised trolling engine batteries accompany thick bodies that protect them. This component broadens the life of the cell and forestalls the requirement for its initial substitution.

9. Upkeep: 

One reason you'll favor AGM batteries is their zero requirements for support. Presently, you'll contribute the cash for purchasing pure water frequently in different things. Additionally, AGM batteries are watertight, making them simple to position or convey.

10. Comfort: 

Some battery types are increasingly advantageous regarding dealing with, establishment, and upkeep. Perusing genuine client surveys of the item will illuminate you regarding its accommodation.

11. Adaptability: 

Most batteries will just turn over the engine; however, they won't control other electrical gear. So, the flexibility of the battery is given by its number of uses in and outside the boat. Furthermore, your batteries ought to be utilized to control a bike, wheelchair, alert frameworks, and considerably more.



Q: Do I Need to Clean My Trolling Motor Battery? 

A: Clean? Not really. Keep up? Completely. I have run over such a significant number of extraordinary batteries destroyed by an absence of appropriate consideration. Because of how well you keep up your battery, they will carry out their responsibility to their best capacity. Most cells need colossal support.

You can clean your battery if you notice that it is consuming, yet other than that, simply keep earth and other grime off of your battery. Wet lead-acid batteries must be loaded up with clean water from time to time, and ought to be investigated routinely. Use devices like a hydrometer to test the grouping of the acidic substance. You additionally need to take care that the sulfuric acid isn't flooding. These batteries require the most work concentrated upkeep. 

Q: Where Should I Store My Batteries? 

A: You need to deal with your batteries. Never blend any two sorts of cells, and separate old and new ones. I generally keep batteries that aren't being used in a dim spot somewhat beneath room temperature. Cold is excellent; however, don't try too hard because you'll simply wind up harming the batteries.

Q: Is My Trolling Motor Battery Bad?

A:The most straightforward approach to telling if a battery's cells are shot is to check the particular gravity. This works for wet lead batteries. Fundamentally, the specific gravity will assist you in deciding the grouping of the corrosive in your water. All in all, on the off chance that one cell is +/ - 30 kg/m3 of another cell, at that point, the battery is nothing worth mentioning.

For different sorts of batteries, you can simply haul out a multi-meter. The multi-meter should show you all that you have to know. Supplant your batteries as quickly as time permits to maintain a strategic distance from harm to your trolling engine.


Trolling engine batteries are a critical piece of your boat. Try not to neglect them or purchase the least expensive battery you can discover. On the off chance that your battery's horrible, at that point, your trolling engine's awful. Because of your inclinations and your trolling engine's details, do some exploration, and locate the ideal fit. It will spare you a ton of time and cash over the long haul.