Best walleye rods for jigging Trolling & Spinning

Best Walleye Rods

What Is The Best Jigging Rod For Walleye?

Best walleye rods are not known for being the most grounded battling fish, yet taking the appropriate pole to get them is still critical. They have probably the gentlest stings of any fish, which implies it's amazingly difficult to distinguish their strike. Having the best walleye rods can assist with combatting this issue and permit you to land more Jigging rods for walleye!

The best walleye jigging poles that convey the affectability, strength, force and lightweight solace you need for walleye fishing achievement. The ideal fishing bar to pick will likewise depend on how you mean to jigging rods for walleye. For jigging and gear, you need a lightweight pole with a lot of affectability.  The surveys are pointers on the best way to pick the best post depends on how you like to look for best walleye rods.

Best walleye rods Reviews And Comparisons Table :







St. Croix Rods Legend Tournament Walleye Spinning Rod

St Croix Legend Tournament Walleye


1/16 - 3/8

Extra Fast

Ugly Stik Elite Steelhead

Ugly Stik Elite Steelhead

52 x 1 x 1 inches

9.6 Ounces


Fenwick Eagle

Fenwick Eagle

6.8 x 5.5 x 27 inches

5.19 Ounces

Medium Fast

Fenwick Elite Tech

Fenwick Elite Tech


1/8 - 1/2


KastKing WideEye Spinning Walleye Rod

KastKing WideEye Spinning Walleye Rod


4-10 lbs


Best walleye rods Reviews In 2021

St. Croix Rods Legend Tournament Walleye Spinning Rod

The St Croix Legend Tournament Walleye is without a doubt perhaps the best bar for vertical jigging available. It accompanies the perfect blend of specs for this sort of fishing: a medium light power blank with an additional a quick activity tip.

The delicacy of the blank permits you to fish lightweight dances bar with minnows, and the solidness of the super quick tip allows you to feel even the subtlest of stings. Fishing 10 hours or more with a weighty bar rapidly turns into a weight, however this bar is light enough that you barely notice the weight, and is a delight to fish the entire day. 


It accompanies with the most noteworthy grade of carbon (high modulus SCIV graphite), which is additionally fortified with Advanced Reinforcing Technology (ART). Moreover, Integrated Poly Curve (IPC) innovation is utilized to make the activity tighten smoother and more delicate.

If you pick the 6'3" length bar, this is the ideal size for vertical jigging from a boat. You needn't bother with a more extended bar for this, since you simply need to drop your jig straight down, and the more limited length gives you more feel for what's new with your lures.


  •  High ratio/high filter SCIV carbon blank
  • High-quality cork tackle
  • Fuji pilots with alconite supplements
Ugly Stik Elite Steelhead

Ugly Stik Elite Steelhead bars are appropriate as a walleye trolling bar. Medium or medium/sufficient 8'6 "poles More than the capability to take care of a trolling setup, The jigging bar spaces have a ton of spines.

The medium/sufficient steel guides dispense with the requirement for guide embeds. One-piece guides will, by and large, different suppositions personally. I think they are okay indeed. It implies there is even less to turn out badly with your bar.

Matched with a nice bait caster bar, you can likewise utilize these poles for projecting big lures, as large spoons or enormous crankbaits rods, particularly the heavier sinking assortments, can, in any case, utilize them for trolling.


  • ​Ugly Stik Clear tip intend

  • ​Intense one-piece stainless steel guides

  • Tempered steel reel hood

Fenwick Eagle

Fenwick Eagle produces the absolute best quality poles you can purchase, and the Eagle scope of turning poles is no exemption. They were one of the top pole brands to begin creating graphite spaces and have consummated the interaction over many years.

The Eagle range is significantly adjusted and is great casters with a truly pleasant tip affectability. There are first-rate guides and reel seats utilized in all sizes, and the cost is very reasonable about the quality.

The variety runs from a tiny 5'6 model up to an 8 footer. For walleye, you ought to be checking out a medium-light 7' foot model, particularly if you are hoping to utilize it as an all-rounder.


  • Quick shape spaces with tuned activity

  • SCII graphite

  • Aluminum oxide guides

  • Fuji reel seat

  • long term guarantee

Fenwick Elite Tech

The Tech Walleye turning poles from Fenwick provide an ideal harmony among force and activity. These poles are worked with an astonishingly touchy tip yet barely sufficient spine in them not to feel frail. They utilize for walleye jigging or light turning. When a pole bends over and performs well at two different fishing styles, you genuinely get evaluate for cash.

The pole spaces are full graphite and arrived in a scope of various powers and activities. A portion of the models is explicitly outfitted to gear and others to jigging.

One of the stand apart features is the "covered up reel seat." The open seat is in line with the forms of the handle, so you don't feel the reel seat strings as you ordinarily do on different bars. 

If you are doing a ton of vertical jigging, you'll be all around utilized to feeling the reel seat on your pole hand. With the secret seat, you scarcely even realize the reel is there.

Little contacts like this indeed outline precisely how much idea Fenwick Walleye's jigging rod put into their pole plans and isolates them from a ton of other pole marks that make global copies.


  • Medium/light force

  • Quick tip activity

  • Secret reel seat

  • Lightweight titanium outline guides with zirconium embeds

  • Lifetime warranty

KastKing WideEye Spinning Walleye Rod

KastKing WideEye Spinning Rod Designed for tackle and jigging for Walleye, the KastKing WideEye walleye turning bar is one of the most awesome walleye cast back street bars. Indeed, even its shadings match that of a walleye. Worked to send even the lightest tap in your hand. It's a one-piece bar with a tray IM9, a 64mm modulus fabric clearer, and a split back tackle plan.

Because of the excellent strength graphite construct, this bar is likewise sufficiently able to hold capable of jigging and fixing and furnished with the ability to acquire even substantial walleyes. The quality is first class, and this WideEye bar has similar parts, weight, and execution as substantially more costly casting rods.

At the point when you grasp the KastKing WideEye, interestingly, you will be reclaimed by how lightweight it is and how adjusted it feels in hand. The excellent AAA plug handle and EVA battling butt and front grasp add to the taking care of solace, creating this a pole you can fish with for quite a long time and at once.


  • A variety of method explicit walleye fishing poles

  • Unbelievably delicate – ideal for apparatus and jigging

  • AAA plug handle and EVA battling butt and foregrip

  • Split back handle plan for affectability and comfort

  • Perfect quality parts – Fuji guides and reel seats

  • Ultralight and agreeable to utilize – weighs just 3.6 ounces

  • Beautiful appearance with walleye-like tones

How To Choose Best Jigging Rod For Walleye – Buying Guide

St. Croix Rods Legend Tournament Walleye Spinning Rod

The best walleye jigging pole to go for relies upon how you plan to get walleye. There are various strategies and styles of looking for walleye, and every method or style needs a bar with a particular set of properties for ideal results. It would help if you chose what length, force, and activity to go for depends on whether you will jig, projecting draws, live snare gear, or trolling.

This may sound highly confounded; however, it is, in reality, elementary to pick the right walleye bar. You need to know what attributes make for the best pole for your walleye fishing procedure.



There are two primary sorts of fishing poles: spinning and baitcasting poles. Turning poles are great for artfulness fishing utilizing lighter baits. They are additionally simple to utilize and, in this manner, amateur agreeable. Most experienced anglers favor lure projecting poles which, work best when fishing with heavier lures. There are additional methods explicit walleye casting poles, for example, jigging, gear, and savaging poles for walleye. How you expect to look for walleye will decide the best walleye casting pole to pick.

Live trap fixing requires a flexible pole that suits many projecting methods. Affectability is also significant. It would help if you had a bar that allows the fish to communicate with the trap and burn through it without pressure while sending what is befalling the lure to your hands. 

Spinning is a hard-core fishing strategy that subjects fishing poles to a great deal of pressure. An excellent walleye jigging pole is adequately powerful to withstand consistent flooding, catching, twisting, banging, and fish strikes without snapping. It ought to be solid and adaptable enough to retain shocks, have a strong reel seat, and a tough handle that can deal with being pushed all through pole holders over and over.


The power rating shows you how solid it is, how much load carries its flex, and what sort of spine the bar has. Bar powers range from big, weighty, medium big, medium, medium light, light, and super light. The sort of force a walleye rod ought to have will again be controlled by the fishing procedure.

Spinning is the most requested about the control. If you are designing trolling for walleye, you will require an incredible fishing arrangement with the bar having a medium, medium, or weighty force. Such a pole is sufficient for the afflictions of trolling.

Vertical jigging and different sorts of baits fishing require a medium-light to medium force. Hence, the bar is sufficiently light to have a quick touchy activity while additionally hardened enough for solid hooksets and pressing sufficient spine for pulling fish. Live lure fixing also needs a light force bar.

A light or medium force is excellent for live lure fixing applications as its design for adaptable bars that suit many fishing methods, and touchy poles will assist you with enlisting light taps on your trap.


Activity describes a bar's adaptability. A fishing pole can have an additional quick, quick, moderate, or slow activity. When under pressure, a fishing rod with additional quick activity twists just at the tip, while a pole with a slow activity has a uniform twist that stretches out near the handle.

Affectability is the top quality in a walleye jigging pole. What makes a walleye jigging bar is a quick or super quick tip. Such a tip assists you with introducing the jig in an energetic way that will draw in walleyes and guarantees you can feel even unpretentious strikes and respond as needs be intended for fast and excellent hooksets before the walleye can relinquish the jig and departure.

With live lure fishing, a more flexible rod with a moderate or quick activity empowers the fish to feel the lure and burn-through it at their pleasure without distinguishing the pressure of the line while as yet guaranteeing you can feel what's going on toward as far as it goes. This expands the odds of a fruitful snare set.

Affectability isn't vital when jigging. Shock assimilation is Quick or moderate activity is ideal as a more adjustable bar will be an excellent absorber.


Most walleye jigging rods are developed with graphite or carbon fiber. This is because graphite and carbon fiber bar spaces have every one of the characteristics that make the best walleye casting rods – they are incredibly delicate and lightweight yet high strength jigging rods.

With jigging and gear, affectability and solace are the main elements, and graphite or carbon fiber pole development is fundamental. The vibe isn't the main factor with spinning bars for walleye, and high-strength graphite or fiberglass casting rod will do. Fiberglass isn't the best material for affectability, yet it is indeed extreme.


If you have enough budget, you can take seven feet in length. Yet, walleye rods come in lengths going from 5'9" to 8' long. The standard length to pick will depend on how you catch fish for walleye. For jigging, a more limited jigging rod of 5'9" and 6'6" long is standard as it is lightweight and agreeable to jig or project with for quite a long time without fatigue setting in. The diminished distance between your hand and the pole tip likewise assists you to get lighter strikes sooner.

When live lure fixing, a more drawn out bar of 7' to 7'6" length gives you more influence for a sure hooksets. In the time you start jigging, it works rapidly. It's a long walleye jigging bar – 7'10" up to 10' – will keep your fishing line a significant separation from the boat propellers diminishing the chance of tangling. A more drawn-out bar will likewise have the solidarity to bear the afflictions of jigging.

The jig is likewise a factor to consider here. While a two-piece bar has a compactness advantage, a one-piece bar offers exceptional affectability and strength, which is vital for distinguishing the soft nibbles walleyes have and getting even prize size.

Line Weight

 What pound test line you will utilize for walleye fishing will determine what sort of tolling rod will offer the best exhibition. The standard test line weight for walleye is 8-12 lb. Guarantee you pick a bar intended to work with this line weight. If you're utilizing a heavier line for jigging, pick a concrete pole with the ability to deal with the higher line weight.

What is the best St Croix walleye jigging rod?

When you are ready to go walleye fishing, it isn't easy to try not to discuss St Croix since they produce the absolute best walleye bars available today. The as it were "issue" is that practically all of their light turning poles are incredible for this reason, since they consolidate lightness, affectability, and strength, which is excellent for getting walleye rods, and this makes it harder to pick the right one.

Which St Croix walleye pole is best for jigging?

For our purposes, the top decision is without a doubt the St Croix Legend X, which not just has a very delicate and lightweight bar clear, yet additionally accompanies an uncovered reel seat that amplifies direct hand contact with the clear spine.

Also, mainly when the best walleye rods nibble is fussy, the affectability of the Legend X permits you to identify even the most hidden stings, including nibbles that occur while your draw is on the drop. Additionally, If you pick the 6'10" ML/XF model, you can utilize it for vertical jiggings and projecting dances.

Then again, if you're searching for a more reasonable model, the St Croix Legend Tournament Walleye can give you practically 85% of a similar presentation as the Legend X, however, at a 50% of the cost.

What's the need for a walleye jigging rod?

If you're on a bit of a budget, or on the other hand, in case you're a beginner who needs to evaluate this sort of fishing interestingly. best to pick the least expensive model that can, in any case, give you a positive encounter on the water.

The Lew's Speed Stick is great for this reason since it retails at under $80. And keeping in mind that it comes up short on a great deal of the affectability of the better quality bars, it's still adequate to get walleye on. What's more, should you choose later on that this kind of fishing is your obsession​.

Assuming your spending plan can extend up to $150, either the St Croix Premier or the Fenwick Elite Tech are additionally significant decisions, as both accompany sufficient quality to fulfill even experienced fishermen.

What type of rod should you select for walleye jigging?

Best Walleye rods for jigging is most certainly a finesse fishing strategy, and along these lines, requires adequately lightweight turning gear. The pole is presumably the main piece of the entire arrangement. Thus you ought to invest some energy in picking the right one for your plan.

Presently, there are two primary styles of walleye jigging, and your decision of pole will differ somewhat, contingent upon which one of these you need to do.

The first rod is vertical jigging, which is usually done from a boat and is profoundly successful when you can utilize a fish finder to find construction with fish to focus under your boat. Vertical jigging is typically done with a more modest jig joined with live minnows.

The second methodology is spinning or pitching dances, which is frequently done from shore, yet can likewise work from a boat. For this current, it's wiser to utilize bigger jigs that are adequately weighty to project further, so you can make more progress. A very famous variety of this strategy is snap jigging, where you gobble up the jig as quickly as conceivable by raising your pole tip after it sinks to the base. Let it gradually sink as you recover it, trailed by another 'snap.

What size pole is best for walleye jigging? 

If you're doing vertical jigging, it's wiser to pick a more limited bar, somewhere in the range of 6'3" and 6'9" bar length. It's great for letting your jig straight down from the boat after finding a gathering of fish on your fish locater. This short jig bar is incredible for getting a decent vibe for what's moving on with your lure underneath the boat. It likewise helps when you're handling a fish manually.

Then again, in case you're projecting jig, you'll need to utilize a more extended bar, somewhere in the range of 6'9" and 7'2". The more prominent bar length gives you more significant projecting distance, and it likewise permits the clear to stack up more when a fish stings, which assists with keeping away from short strikes (particularly if your dance moves bit 30 feet away or more).


Q: What Is A Good Walleye Rods? 

A: Usually, a good walleye casting rod is adequately touchy to permit you to distinguish unobtrusive strikes on your lure or snare. It is enough to permit you to make fast, firm bait sets and adequately unique to pull any walleye you land effectively.

A 7-feet long casting pole with a medium-light or medium force and quick activity is a decent all-around casting pole for walleye. What is a good casting rod for walleye will likewise depend on whether you will dance, gear or spinning.

Q: Why Do I Need Special Walleye Rod? 

A: You need an exceptional pole with a lot of affectabilities to have the capability to distinguish their delicate strikes. And set the bait rapidly and immovably before the walleye can spit the draw and move away. Walleyes have perhaps the lightest nibble of any fish species. They likewise let out whatever they don't feel or taste directly in no time. It's implied that a great casting rod will do for getting walleye.

A strategy explicit walleye pole especially tuned for walleye fishing conveys the specific sort of affectability, firmness, strength, and force you to need to find walleye giving you the high ground and augment your result in identifying their bashful strikes, snaring them effectively, and pulling them.



Walleye are delicate strikers, which makes for energizing, high-speed activity on the water. Having the best walleye bar that assists you with recognizing their sting, sets strong hooksets quickly, and takes them to your fishing boat effectively implies that you will likewise have a delicious supper to anticipate toward the day's end.

The first class walleye casting poles in our walleye bar surveys meet these rules and are generally acceptable walleye poles. Following the tips in our purchasing guide will assist you with picking the best walleye casting pole for your best walleye fishing strategy .so you will finish up with a pole that will expand your walleye fishing achievement.