Best Whitewater Kayaks Reviews In 2022

To start with, picking Best Whitewater Kayaks was simple. There was usually just a bunch of models accessible, and you mostly picked the one you fit into and could manage. Presently, there are many models and more presented each year. Some are intended for vertical stunts, others for speed, or reaction time. When you start looking at volume, frame plan, delicate versus hard chines, and rocker length. It is anything but challenging to suffocate in data before consistently hitting the water.

Best Whitewater Kayaks

Best Whitewater Kayaks

In the accompanying survey, we will analyze the most famous models, talk about their key highlights. and offer what we enjoyed or didn't care about for everyone. While nothing beats a real test ride, this survey will assist you with swimming through the data over-burden. and set you in the mood for choosing your one of a kind whitewater kayak.

Best Whitewater Kayaks Reviews And Comparisons Table :






Dagger Mamba Creeker 7.6 Best Whitewater Kayaks

Dagger Mamba Creeker 7.6 Best Whitewater Kayaks

144 x 34 x 20 Inches

44 Pounds

Riot Boogie 50 Best Whitewater Kayaks

Riot Boogie 50 Best Whitewater Kayaks

14 x 25 x 93 Inches

38.9 Pounds

Riot Magnum 80 Best Whitewater Kayaks

Riot Magnum 80 Best Whitewater Kayaks

17 x 27 x 100 Inches

75 Pounds

Riot AastroO 58 Best Whitewater Kayaks

Riot Aastro 58 Best Whitewater Kayaks

18 x 26 x 76 Inches

39 Pounds

Star Raven I Best Whitewater Kayaks

Star Raven I Best Whitewater Kayaks

126 x 32 x 14 Inches

47 Pounds

Dagger Nomad 9.0 Best Whitewater Kayaks

Dagger Nomad 9.0 Best Whitewater Kayaks

16 x 26 x 95 Inches

51 Pounds

Riot Magnum 72 Best Whitewater Kayaks

Riot Magnum 72 Best Whitewater Kayaks

16 x 26 x 95


54 Pounds

Driftsun Rover 120 Best Whitewater Kayaks

Drift sun Rover 120 Best Whitewater Kayaks

24.5 x 21 x 10 Inches

35.5 Pounds

Driftsun Rover 220 Best Whitewater Kayaks

Drift sun Rover 220 Best Whitewater Kayaks

8.5 x 36 x 13


51.8 Pounds

Advanced Elements Attact Best Whitewater Kayaks

Advanced Elements Attack Best Whitewater Kayaks

114 x 35 x 18 Inches

34 Pounds

10 Best Whitewater Kayaks Reviews In 2022:

Daggger Mamba Creeker 7.6 Best Whitewater Kayaks

There's in no way like learning another ability at a young age. Kayaking is the same. The blade has been making notorious whitewater boats for more than thirty years. and we have remembered different models for this guide. The Mamba Creeker is for littler paddlers (under 170 lbs.) who are resolved to running some good whitewater or hoping to sharpen their abilities in a very steady model that is likewise simple to roll. This is an extraordinary boat for youthful grown-ups hoping to up their game on the waterway. and the high volume makes it perfect for accepting those drops as it will stay flat and spring up rapidly.

Features of Dagger Mamba Creeker 7.6 Best Whitewater Kayaks: 

  • Perfect for Smaller Paddlers
  • Customize-able Thigh Braces and Hip Pads
  • Customize-able Foot Brace


  • Multi-reason use
  • Safe advance out divider
  • Speed up
  • Highlights security get handles
  • Simple to move through difficult situations


  • Very costly
  • A lot of volume in this way, getting vertical squirts is very troublesome
Riot Boogie 50 Best Whitewater Kayaks

Get your oar and prepare to ride the waves in this elite whitewater surf kayak. The one of a kind state of the Boogie 50 highlighting a smoothed last part with an open front end make this boat perfect for accomplishing pace. and cutting force while riding all through the whitewater surf fishing. And keeping in mind that the position of safety makes it ideal for cutting. the volume is more prominent in the front, taking into account a full scope of paddlers to fit. The formed in cushioned knee pockets alongside the simple to-shape froth foot squares enable this vessel to be redone to the paddler. and make a well-equipped cockpit on the water.

Features of Riot Boogie 50 Best Whitewater Kayaks: 

  • Adjustable Foam Foot Blocks For Finding An Ergonomic Sitting Position

  • Cushioned Knee Pockets Provide extra Comfort

  • Two Rubber Grab Loops Help You Recover From A Roll


  • Dealing with the waves is simple
  • Entirely steady
  • The force seat conveys a full scope of movement
  • Opposes punctures
  • Well-built


  • Very costly
Riot Magnum 80 Best Whitewater Kayaks

Only one of three creaking kayaks in this guide, the Magnum 80, will oblige bigger paddlers (up to 230 lbs.). It is the perfect length and shape to explore the highlights in the water. while keeping up the vital speed of moving the gnarliest of soak whitewater. The front and back air packs give abundant lightness to running drops and flying back up rapidly. Likewise, the gliding backrest is ideal for solace and adaptability. as the stream tries to defeat your endeavors. As no two paddlers are the equal, the flexible foot support takes into account the cockpit to be redone for the paddler.

Features of Riot Magnum 80 Best Whitewater Kayaks:

  • Skimming Backrest Moves As The Paddler Moves On The Water

  • Front And Rear Flotation Bags Provide Extra Buoyancy

  • Movable Foot Brace


  • Proficiently steady
  • Accompanies an enemy of burglary bar for security
  • No arrangement required


  • Somewhat more at 45 lbs
Riot Aastro 58 Best Whitewater Kayaks

Play boats (free-form) is the perfect boat for those looking for the chance to surf enormous waves and perform moves on the water. They are intended to run quick whitewater and take into account exploring obstructions in the waterway. The Riot Astro 58 can do the entirety of that, and the sky is the limit from there. The highlights on this vessel make it perfect and agreeable for a severe day surfing waves on the waterway. At the point when you're getting hurled around by enormous waves, you need to have a sense of safety in your vessel. This is accomplished by a variety of cushioned and shaped highlights inside the cockpit. including sure grip thigh props. which will cause you to feel secure even in the most out of control whitewater.

Features of Riot Aastro 58 Best Whitewater Kayaks:

  • Sure grip Thigh Braces For Extra Comfort And Security In The Boat

  • Superior Fit

  • Two Rubber Grab Loops To Assist You In Righting The Boat After A Roll


  • Truly alright with its shape fit framework
  • Incredible steadiness and mobility
  • No arrangement required


  • Somewhat much at 38.4 lbs
Star Raven I Best Whitewater Kayaks

The STAR Raven I is a hybrid inflatable kayak that exceeds expectations in any flat water. and little whitewater streams. This boat was intended to motivate certainty on the water. Oneself bailing choice is perfect for ousting the water from the kayak. The full body is explicitly designed to make a steady stage for any degree of paddler. And keeping in mind that this kayak is intended for a full scope of paddlers, remember. that inflatable boats are simpler for learners to enter and exit. It functions admirably up to Class III+ whitewater rapids, and the inflatable choice makes it simple to store and convey.

Features of Star Raven I Best Whitewater Kayaks:

  • Self-Bailing So It Won't Sink If You Take On Water

  • Open to Folding Seat

  • Connection Points For Gear


  • Incorporate sack, siphon, and fix pack
  • 3-year retail guarantee, 2-year business
  • Lightweight
  • No arrangement required


  • Amazingly costly
Dagger Nomad 9.0 Best Whitewater Kayaks

This huge creaking pontoon is genuinely intended for the huge young men. and will suit paddlers as much as 265 pounds. The Nomad has been refreshed as of late and highlights an astounding volume for helping in the lightness of the boat. while the expanded frame point (base of the vessel) additionally keeps the bow (front) of the kayak up. Still settling on what sort of kayaking you are generally well-suited to seek after. it is additionally critical to discover a vessel that fits the kayaker flawlessly. (much like one ought to do when looking for athletic shoes). This is a massive vessel. and it's significant when fitting into the cockpit that the highlights intended to keep you secure. And it can perform depending on the size of the paddler.

Features of Dagger Nomad 9.0 Best Whitewater Kayaks:

  • Movable Foot Brace With Foam Padding

  • Movable Thigh Braces And Hip Pads Help You Feel Secure In The Boat

  • Root-Molded (Rotational Molding) Seating


  • Extremely quick and agile
  • Form thus fitting gives the kayak security, force, and solace
  • Ideal for any whitewater experience


  • Very costly
  • Overwhelming at 48.5 lbs
  • No capacity accessible for your assets
Riot Magnum 72 Best Whitewater Kayaks

The Riot Magnum is a vessel made to play on the water and outfitted with the ideal measure of body edge. (front and back) alongside streamlined sides and the perfect ratio of lightness. And it enables you to dip under the water when wanted and fly back up varying. Suppose you will, the stream resembles a pinball machine, and the kayak is the ball. This boat is intended to bob around on the water. The Magnum is designed to take into consideration the enormous scope of movement of your middle. along these lines permitting outrageous mobility without exchanging off solace. In case you're hoping to take your game to the following level, this is the vessel to take you there.

Features of Riot Magnum 72 Best Whitewater Kayaks:

  • Skimming Backrest For Seated Comfort

  • Two Rubber Grab Loops To Help You Right The Boat In Case Of A Roll

  • Sure grip Thigh braces So You Feel Super Secure In The Boat


  • It's the correct mix of physical profile and science. Magnum 72 is a dazzling creaking kayak
  • At the cost, it's nearly the equal with top of the line recreational pontoons
  • Simple to move and extremely light


  • It's a little kayak that probably won't be best for tall paddlers
  • No capacity brings forth that can hold little things
Driftsun Rover 120 Best Whitewater Kayaks

For a few, being kept to a cockpit is simply a lot to understand. So, there are alternatives that enable the easygoing whitewater aficionado to jump on the water. and appreciate some better than average whitewater. The inflatable choices are additionally lenient. and they're like being in a performance boat. The inflatable cylinders ricochet off of rocks and different snags. while giving a simple bail alternative should the stream toss one your way. Since there is anything but a secured cockpit, water will pour over the sides. But, don't fuss as oneself bailing ports will send the straight water retreat. Also, when you're accomplished for the afternoon, flatten the boat. and hurl it back in your vehicle and head home.

Features of Drift sun Rover 120 Best Whitewater Kayaks:

  • Swells In About 6 Minutes

  • Front Action Camera Mount

  • Removable Rear Tracking Skeg (Acts Like A Rudder)


  • Agreeable
  • Lightweight
  • Enough Strong


  • Significant expense
Driftsun Rover 220 Best Whitewater Kayaks

Need to take a companion along for the afternoon? The Rover 220 is the pair rendition of the Rover 120 above. It has indistinguishable highlights from the independent form. yet packs double the good times. It includes an enormous limit (as much as 600 pounds) for an entire day on the water. Also, much the same as the performance model, you don't need to stress over water topping off the kayak. as oneself bailing ports enable the water to stream in and out voluntarily. The benefits of inflatable models are that they expand rapidly. (roughly nine minutes for the pair). and occupy a negligible room in your vehicle or your carport. Furthermore, there's a front activity camera mount to catch the entirety of the activity from your day on the water.

Features of Drift sun Rover 220 Best Whitewater Kayaks:

  • Expands In Just Under 10 Minutes

  • Self-Bailing Drain Plugs

  • Can Hold Two Paddlers For Shared Whitewater Adventures



  • Rocker profile and configuration can deal with Class IV whitewater
  • Seven self-bailing channel plugs
  • Removable back following skeg for execution
  • Removable cushioned seats with high back help


  • Costly
Advanced Elements Attact Best Whitewater Kayaks

On the off chance that you need to take your inflatable whitewater game up a step. consider the Advanced Elements Attack. While it has a large number of indistinguishable. And highlights from the other inflatable alternatives in this guide. it additionally includes movable thigh lashes for remaining secure. when the water gets harsh. The inflatable cylinders are more sympathetic than unbending vessels in. that they keep the contact with snags in the water and regularly simply ricochet you off. sending you around rocks and trees without stalling out. Oneself bailing ports move the water that enters the kayak rapidly away. And keeping in mind that it's not waterproof. the harsh of the kayak includes a self-depleting secured payload zone for reserving. and verifying apparatus on the stream.

Features of Advanced Elements Attract Best Whitewater Kayaks:

  • Self-Bailing Ports So The Kayak Won't Sink If It Takes On Water

  • Movable Thigh Straps To Help You Feel Secure And Comfortable

  • Movable Seat


  • Solid and strong
  • Offers an agreeable ride
  • The immaculate size that makes it stable


  • Overwhelming
  • Costly for an inflatable kayak

How To Choose The Best Whitewater Kayaks – Buying Guide:

Something in our rundown grabbed your attention? Try not to hop to get it right now. investigate the outline underneath first to ensure you consider everything necessary. A part of these sum to every one of the things you are searching when looking for any kayak. Some of them are explicitly equipped with whitewater kayaks. This is all that you have to consider. at whatever point looking for an ideal ally to your kayaking undertakings.


The most effective method to Buy A Whitewater Kayak:

If it's from a decent, legitimate brand, then you can securely arrange your kayak on the web. If you haven't generally known about the brand before. yet you truly need that specific model for reasons unknown. at that point, you need to ensure that you are taking a gander at the audits and guarantee to get the promises you need.

You additionally need to recognize what type you need. as there are some extraordinary inflatable whitewater kayaks out there. They are more robust than many would expect. and inflatable kayak care and the fix is genuinely simple. If you're yet uneasy about getting an inflatable kayak. This inflatable versus hard shell kayak guide should respond to any inquiries.  

Frame Shape:

Of late, the most performance whitewater kayaks aren't the long. and thin ones we were utilized to nearly ten years back. Over the long haul and innovation advances. kayaks are turning out to be shorter and better adjusted, or log-molded. As indicated by different tests, both live and recreated, the security. and execution of log-molded kayaks is far better than generally formed ones.

That being stated, there is yet a decision to be made between a planning frame (which is level formed). And an uprooting body (which is round-molded). On the off chance that individuals used to counsel the white water kayak size guide before. today, it's about the structure shape when you have to decide whether a kayak is directly for you. 


You may feel that rate isn't an issue when we're discussing whitewater kayaking. since the water will be quick in any case. This isn't the situation as while you don't have to kayak to add speed to the stream's very own speed. You do need it to have the option to move that speedwell. A more cumbersome and slower kayak is more to control through running rapids. and that real battle to control it may back you off. 

Quick Level:

Specialists concurred on a globally acknowledged grouping of the next level. or waterway forces with regards to exploring them with kayaks. There are class A waters (which are somewhat still and essentially sum to lakes). and waters of classes I – VI, where quality I am a simple to explore. and genuinely moderate waterway, and type VI is a speedy and risky one.

When looking for the ideal whitewater kayak for your needs. you have to check for an away from the classes of water that the kayak is green lighted for.

Security Features: 

As we referenced above, you ought to acknowledge the way that your kayak may capsize a couple of times. so you'll be prepared for the minute when it comes. There isn't yet a kayak ensured to never under any circumstance turn over. since the whitewater condition is dynamic.

The best thing you can do to improve wellbeing is to regard all the suggested security conditions. and insurances are given by your educator. and consistently wear an actual existence coat for kayaking. Additionally, in case you're not an exceptionally experienced paddler. we suggest picking a whitewater learner kayak since those are better equipped. towards putting wellbeing first and execution second.

It's acceptable to know your kayaking wellbeing tips to guarantee. you are stable and steady for your excursion. This incorporates perspectives, for example, kayak self-salvage to ensure. that you can escape any precarious circumstance you may end up in.

Solace Features: 

In principle, the more you are agreeable in your stream sprinter kayak. the more you will likewise be in charge of your kayak and, in this manner, cuddled all the more securely in. As a general rule, you should know this is genuine just to a limited extent.

There is a trade off to be recognized here among solace and control, in any event, up somewhat. You will understand this when you attempt to try different things with various whitewater kayaks. Getting an extraordinary kayak seat can help with that solace.

The main concern is to request guidance if you don't know what kayak to pick. and go for a more secure one in case you're an amateur. The first-class one with loads of positive surveys is likewise a decent decision. on the off chance that it demonstrates that different tenderfoots oversaw well with it.



Q: How to Roll a Whitewater Kayak?

A: Rolling a kayak intended for whitewater requires more ability than the moving of a customary kayak. Indeed, even the most practiced oar specialists may not take care of business 100% of the time. Along these lines, considerably after you figure out how to roll a kayak. and feel sufficiently sure to have a good time with it, you can, in any case, hope to need to swim sometimes when moving it.

There are natural components you can't completely control, particularly when whitewater is included. In case you're cautious and plan out your means accurately. you should get just an arrangement with the danger of your kayak keeling. over at this underlying phase of moving it.

That being stated, the most effortless method to roll a whitewater kayak is the C2C roll. It's genuinely known among paddlers, and the ideal approach to learn.

Q: Why Do People Kayak Whitewater?

A: Before, generalizations frequently introduced kayaking on whitewater as a hazardous action. and those were getting a charge out of it and were depicted as facing thoughtless challenges. Nonetheless, not only were those portrayals deceived. yet things have additionally advanced a great deal in the whitewater sports scene. There are presently more data accessible than any other time in recent memory. and the hardware you can buy is first class. There's no motivation behind why you shouldn't be flawlessly arranged. and prepared to take on a "waterway run" these days.

That being stated, individuals kayak for a lot of reasons. Indeed, the adrenaline flood has a significant influence on it. as it does in most different water sports also. Be that as it may, paddlers aren't into this just for the rushes.

Q: How to Surf With A Whitewater Kayak?

A:  Among the essential waterway abilities. you should learn before you go kayaking, there are two basic approaches to surf. There is front surfing, which most kayak clients can achieve decently effectively. principally in light of the plan of their kayaks. The best whitewater kayaks of the previous. not few years are so all around manufactured. they'll nearly move faultlessly independent from anyone else. even absent a lot of the ability of the client.

Once more, since surfing a kayak can be fragile and you should be in full control to limit dangers. we emphatically prescribe taking in this from a confirmed rowing teacher. Regardless of whether you are experienced. you will, in any case, need a careful prologue to whitewater kayaking. On the off chance that you will be surfing on sea waves, at that point, ensure you get an extraordinary surf kayak.


Not for weak-willed, whitewater kayaking can be one of the most beautiful encounters you will ever have on the water. In case you're starting to feel somewhat exhausted from the standard water sports you practice. and you need to take a stab at something new, an outing across whitewater is the ideal method to rejuvenate your hunger.

Ideally, this guide has given all you the data that you need to get the ideal kayak for you. When you have, at that point, you can snatch your kayak adornments. for example, a protective kayak cap and head out there for a day you'll always remember.