How Do They Kill the Tuna on Wicked Tuna

Have you ever wondered how the tuna on Wicked Tuna are killed? It’s actually a pretty interesting process. The first step is to identify a school of tuna.

Once they have been located, the boat will position itself in front of the school and begin to drive them towards the net. As the fish swim into the net, they are stunned by electric paddles. This renders them unconscious and prevents them from feeling any pain.

After all of the fish have been stunned, they are then bleed out by having their throats slit. This process is known as Ikejime and it ensures that the tuna meat is of the highest quality. Finally, the fish are placed in ice and brought back to shore where they will be sold at auction.

The death of a bluefin tuna is not a pretty sight. They are killed by being stabbed with a sharp object, usually a harpoon, in the back of the head just behind the gills. This severs their spinal cord and they die instantly.

If done properly, it is a humane way to kill an animal. The fish are then brought on board the boat where they are bled by making 2 incisions, one on each side of the fish, just below the dorsal fin. The blood drains into a bucket and is later used as bait for other fish.

The tuna are then gutted and gilled and placed in ice to keep them fresh until they reach port where they will be sold at auction.

Warning Graphic! How to kill and care for your tuna catch with Ikijime technique

How Do Fisherman Kill Bluefin Tuna?

There are a few different ways that fisherman kill bluefin tuna. One common method is to use a harpoon. The fisherman will shoot the harpoon into the fish and then pull it back onto the boat.

Another common method is to use a gillnet. This is a net that goes around the fish’s gills and pulls it up out of the water. Some people believe that the best way to kill a bluefin tuna is by using a stiletto.

This is a long, sharp knife that is inserted into the brain of the fish. This method is said to be quick and painless for the fish. However, it can be dangerous for the fisherman if they are not careful.

Whatever method is used to kill bluefin tuna, it is important that they are killed as quickly as possible. This minimizes their stress and suffering.

How are Tunas Killed?

When it comes to killing tunas, there are a few different methods that can be used. The most common method is by using a large fishing net. This method is typically used when commercial fishing for tunas.

Another way that tunas can be killed is by using a spear or harpoon. This method is often used by sport fisherman who are trying to catch tunas for fun. Lastly, some people may choose to kill tunas by simply hitting them on the head with a blunt object.

This is not the most humane way to kill a tuna, but it is effective if done correctly.

What Happens to the Head And Tail of Bluefin Tuna?

As the largest and most commercially valuable tuna, bluefin tuna are much sought after by both recreational and commercial fisheries. Although their populations have been declining in recent years due to overfishing, they are still a prized catch. But what happens to the head and tail of bluefin tuna once they’re caught?

The head of a bluefin tuna is typically used for bait, while the tail is often sold for human consumption. However, both parts of the fish can be used for a variety of purposes. The head can be used to make soup or stock, while the tail can be grilled, baked, or even made into sushi.

So next time you’re out on the water chasing after these giant fish, keep in mind what happens to their heads and tails once they’re caught. And if you’re lucky enough to land one yourself, consider making use of the entire fish – not just the fillets!

Does the Harpoon Kill the Tuna?

When a tuna is harpooned, it does not always die immediately. If the fish is not killed instantly, it will likely die from stress or from being unable to swim properly. The tuna’s body is designed for swimming and when it is no longer able to do so, its organs begin to shut down.

How Do They Kill the Tuna on Wicked Tuna


How Fake is Wicked Tuna

Wicked Tuna is a reality television series that airs on the National Geographic Channel. The show follows commercial fishermen who fish for bluefin tuna in Gloucester, Massachusetts. The show has been criticized for being fake, as some of the scenes are staged and the dialogue is scripted.

However, the fishing itself is real and the tuna are caught during filming.

Wicked Tuna Fake Prices

Wicked Tuna has been accused of faking prices in order to make more money. The accusation came to light when a customer posted a photo of a receipt that showed the price of tuna was $24.99/lb, but the fish was only $12.99/lb at the market. The customer claimed that they were overcharged by $12 and demanded a refund from the restaurant.

Wicked Tuna responded by saying that the customer was actually only charged for 1/2 pound of tuna, not a full pound. The restaurant also said that they don’t set the prices, but rather use a “market price” for their seafood. This incident has caused many people to question whether or not Wicked Tuna is being truthful about their prices.

Some believe that the restaurant is deliberately overcharging customers, while others think that they may just be using an outdated pricing system. Whatever the case may be, it’s important to know what you’re paying for when you order seafood at a restaurant. Otherwise, you could end up being charged much more than you anticipated!

What Do Tuna Fishermen Do in the off Season

When the weather is warm and the water is calm, it’s time for tuna fishermen to head out to sea. But what do they do when the weather turns and the seas are rough? They head back to port and wait for better conditions.

This is called the “off season.” During the off season, tuna fishermen prepare their boats and gear for the next fishing season. They repair any damage from the previous season, stock up on supplies, and make sure their boat is in good working order.

Some fisherman use this time to take vacations or spend time with family. Others may go back to school or get a job in a different field. But even during the off season, tuna fisherman are still thinking about fish.

They study migration patterns and talk to other fisherman to learn where the fish might be when the next season starts. They also practice their casting techniques so they can be ready to hit their target as soon as they see a fish. So even though they might not be out on the water, tuna fisherman are always busy preparing for their next big catch.


The process of killing tuna on Wicked Tuna is actually quite simple. The fisherman first harpoon the fish and then drag it onto the boat. Once on board, they kill the fish by either clubbing it or cutting its throat.

The tuna is then placed in a hold where it will be kept until the end of the day when they are brought to shore and sold.

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