How to Get Fishing Quest Genshin

To get the Fishing Quest in Genshin, you will need to go to Mondstadt and talk to an NPC named Wench. She can be found near the bridge in Mondstadt. When you talk to her, she will give you a quest called “Fishing for a Living.”

This quest requires you to catch 10 fish. Once you have caught 10 fish, return to Wench and she will give you a reward.

  • Talk to the Fisherman’s Guild Master in Mondstadt to start the quest
  • Go to the designated fishing spots and catch the required fish
  • Return to the Fisherman’s Guild Master and hand in the fish to complete the quest

Genshin Impact – How To Unlock Fishing Feature

How Do You Activate Fishing Quest?

In order to activate a fishing quest, you will need to speak to the appropriate NPC and have the required amount of bait with you. Once you have done so, the quest will be added to your active quest list and you can begin working on it. Some quests may require you to fish in specific locations or catch certain types of fish, so make sure to read the requirements carefully before getting started.

How Do I Unlock My Fishing Association?

In order to unlock your fishing association, you will need to complete the following steps: 1. Complete the “Fisherman’s Friend” quest. This quest is given by the NPC named Old Man Heming in Heming’s Hut, which is located in East Anglia.

2. After completing the “Fisherman’s Friend” quest, speak to Old Man Heming again and he will give you the “Unlock Fishing Association” key item. 3. Take the “Unlock Fishing Association” key item to any of the three Fishing Guild NPCs: Elliot (West Anglia), Gavin (Central Anglia), or Nigel (East Anglia). They will each ask you a series of questions about fish; answer all questions correctly and they will each give you a different colored key.

Collect all three keys. 4. Take the three keys back to Old Man Heming; he will then give you the “Master Fisherman’s Key”. This key unlocks the door to The Fisherman’s House in East Anglia, which contains the Fishing Association Headquarters.

Which Quest Gives You a Fishing Rod in Genshin?

The quest that gives you a fishing rod in Genshin is called “A Good Catch”. It is a simple quest that requires you to catch 5 fish from any body of water in the game. Once you have caught the fish, return to the quest giver and they will give you a fishing rod as a reward.

This quest is available from the start of the game and does not require any specific level or location to be completed.

When Can U Unlock Fishing?

You can unlock fishing in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild by completing a side quest called “The Royal Guard’s Gear”. This quest is obtained by speaking to Hudson, a NPC in Kakariko Village. To complete the quest, you must find and return three lost pieces of royal guard gear to Hudson.

The first piece is found in the Gerudo Desert, the second piece is found in Zora’s Domain, and the third piece is found in Death Mountain. Once you have returned all three pieces of gear to Hudson, he will give you a Fishing Rod as a reward.

How to Get Fishing Quest Genshin


How to Get the Catch Genshin

If you’re looking to catch some Genshin, here are a few tips. First, make sure you have the right bait. Genshin are attracted to shiny objects, so using something like a gold coin or a piece of jewelry should do the trick.

Second, find a good spot to set up your trap. Genshin tend to congregate near bodies of water, so setting up your trap near a lake or stream will increase your chances of success. Finally, be patient!

It can take some time for Genshin to take the bait, but if you wait long enough, you’ll eventually get your catch.

How to Fish in Genshin Impact Pc

Fishing is a great way to relax and enjoy the outdoors, and it’s also a great way to get some exercise. But if you’ve never done it before, it can be tough to know where to start. That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide on how to fish in Genshin Impact for PC.

Before you start fishing, you’ll need to make sure you have the following items: A fishing rod – You can buy one from the Material Shop in Mondstadt or Liyue. Bait – You can find bait all over the world, but Frogs are especially good for fishing.

Check ponds and lakes for them. Alternatively, you can purchase Bait from the Material Shop. Once you have your supplies, head to a body of water and press “F” to enter Fishing Mode.

Now just cast your line into the water by clicking and holding the left mouse button, then release when you want to throw your line out. If there are any fish nearby, they should start biting at your bait! Keep an eye on the tension meter at the bottom of the screen – when it starts getting close to full, that means a fish is hooked onto your line.

Quickly reel them in by pressing and holding the right mouse button until they reach you. Congratulations – you’ve just caught your first fish!

How to Fish in Genshin Impact Mobile

Fishing is one of the many activities players can do in Genshin Impact. It’s a great way to relax, and it can also be used to obtain valuable resources. Here’s a guide on how to fish in Genshin Impact for mobile.

To start fishing, players will need to find a body of water with fish swimming in it. Once they’ve found a spot, they’ll need to approach the water and press the “Interact” button. This will cause their character to cast their line into the water.

Players will then need to wait for a fish to bite their line. When this happens, an exclamation mark will appear above the player’s head. At this point, players will need to rapidly tap the “Interact” button in order to reel in the fish.

If they’re successful, they’ll add the fish to their inventory. Fishing isn’t too difficult in Genshin Impact, but there are some things players should keep in mind if they want to be successful at it. First, pay attention to where the fish are biting; if there are no bites happening near where your line is cast, you’re likely not going to catch anything.

Second, when reeling in a fish, make sure you don’t stop tapping the “Interact” button; if you do, you’ll lose your chance at catching that particular fish.


In Genshin Impact, there are many different types of quests that you can complete in order to get rewards. One of the quest types is fishing quests, which task you with catching a certain number or type of fish. There are a few ways to get fishing quests in Genshin Impact.

The first is from the Adventurers’ Guild, where you can accept daily and weekly quests. The second is from NPC’s in Mondstadt and Liyue, who will occasionally give you side quests that include fishing tasks. The best way to complete fishing quests is to head to areas where there are large groups of fish swimming together.

This makes it easier to catch multiple fish at once and saves time overall. There are a few locations like this in each region, so be sure to explore around until you find them! With these tips in mind, completing fishing quests in Genshin Impact should be a breeze!

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